Monday, July 13, 2015

Allison Glass Mini Quilt 2

Last Saturday, I shared with you the mini quilt that I made for Stephanie! Today, I'm sharing the second mini quilt that I made for the Allison Glass Mini Quilt Swap on Instagram. Why two? Sometimes in swaps, people have things come up and swap angels are needed. I volunteered to be one! Usually, when I sew for swaps, I like to take my time and really delve into my partners likes and dislikes. But, since I was making as a swap angel, I really had to be pretty decisive with my planning and making.
I ended up using this fabulous quilt as my inspiration, made by Owen's Olivia.
My partner didn't specify any favorite colors so I looked through my stash of Allison Glass fabrics and settled on a color palette of blues, greens, and yellows. She did say that she liked low volume fabrics so I picked out a fun arrow print for the background fabric.

The finished mini measures 22 inches square. Each of the half square triangle units were 2 inches. The flying geese were 2 inches by 4 inches.
For the backing, I used another low volume print and added a rainbow of squares along one edge. On the back, you can really see the quilting stitches. I used an Aurifil thread in 40 weight in a green color that perfectly matched the greens in the AG fabrics. I mailed it off last week and I'm anxious to hear how my partner liked it!
Take care yall!

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Alison Glass Mini Quilt{s}

One of my favorite things to do is to swap mini quilts!! It's such a fan way to stretch myself as a quilter!! This past summer, I signed up for the Alison Glass mini quilt swap on Instagram! I had so much fun with this swap. It was hosted on Instagram by....  If you're unfamiliar with the way swaps work, you get assigned a random partner who you make a mini quilt for. Someone else makes a mini quilt for you!
My partner to make for was the lovely Stephanie of Modern Sewciety. She does podcasts with all the famous bloggers, fabric designers, shops, and companies in the quilting and sewing world. I was a wee bit nervous making for her but ... that's okay! I ended up settling on making her a rainbow based mini quilt. I choose to use a paper pieced star design called... by Don't Call Me Betsy. I love her paper pieced designs!
Each square was a 6 inch block - for a total of 12 blocks in the mini quilt.
The final quilt measured 18 inches square.
I recieved a lot of positive feedback on Instagram via our swap hashtag about this quilt, which made me feel a whole lot better about making it for Stephanie! She has already received it and loves it!
I received this GORGEOUS mini quilt from Ann at Run and Sew. Seriously! It's gorgeous - and she got Allison Glass to sign the label on the back of the mini. How cool?!! Plus, Ann put together the most amazing extras for everyone in my family. I was totally spoiled this swap!! I love seeing it hang in my sewing space!

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Insta Happily: June Edition

Hey yall!! I'm late... again... but better late than never, right?! Heres a snapshot look at my June!

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Monday, June 15, 2015

Me Made May 2015

Hey yall!! I'm still catching up on different things that are on my blogging agenda - but I wanted to share with yall my Me Made May pictures!
If you're not familiar with Me Made May, you can find more information out about it here. In a nutshell, it's a chance for all of us who sew to challenge ourselves to wear what we have made in real life! Each person makes their own commitment - whether its wearing completely handmade garments, a certain number a week, or work on making more handmade garments. So Zo hosts this every year - and I'm always impressed by what everyone wears and how many handmade garments they have!
I participated last year, too (check out my posts here and here).
 This year, my goal was to wear 3 handmade garments a week, or 12 total. Since this was just after I gave birth to Alex, I knew most of my handmade clothes might not fit so I thought this might be an optimistic goal. I ended up wearing a total of 14 outfits with a handmade garment over the course of the month. I was pretty pleased with this!
Reagan's wearing two handmade dresses.
In the left photo, Joy by Violette Field Threads and in the far right, Desert Rose by Caila Made.
Some trends that I noticed with my handmade clothes:
  • I make a lot of black, white, and mint. I also wear these colors a lot. 
  • I need to make more separates, despite the fact that I love wearing dresses. When I'm not at work - I don't wear dresses as much, so I'll get more bang for my buck if make more separates, even if they aren't all that exciting. 
  • I love to wear knits. Seriously - they are super comfortably. 
  • I like to wear pieces that layer up, which ties into making more separates.
  • I'm also pretty obsessed with my "Sewing Mama" tee shirt by See Kate Sew. It's super soft and I love the statement it makes. Seriously - I wear this almost every week.  
  • Also, I look pretty darn good in a tee shirt with a maxi knit skirt.... just sayin'. 
  • I need to NOT take pictures in the mirror with my iPhone. A tripod might be in order soon.
The patterns that I wore this month during Me Made May were:

All in all, a pretty successful Me Made May! I'm super happy with how it went. Next year, maybe I can bump up the number of outfits per week to five per week. Or, maybe I'll focus on wearing different designers or something.... who knows?!
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