Monday, November 22, 2010

I Need A 36 Hour Day...

Confession.... I cannot believe that I haven't blogged at ALL in the past month. For those of you few dedicated readers...whoever you may be... I APOLOGIZE. I truly need a 36 hour day, at least once a week. Thank goodness that this week is a short week, and I have a few much needed days off. :)

To catch you all up on the past month of November, my kiddos have been busily working on subtraction, their first science unit, and moving rapidly along in their English Language Arts curriculum.

My kids (and my Mom) made my birthday at school so fun! Mom came in and read Dr. Seuss' "What Was I Scared Of?" to my kids and brought in yummy chocolate cupcakes! The kids had so much fun for my birthday! One student brought me a pumpking with pink ribbon on top--and she decorated the pumpkin! One student brought me a stuffed parrot, and another a gorgeous orange flower! It was such a fun day! :)

Mom reading Dr. Seuss
 Needless to say, my birthday was fun! Edmund drove down to Wilmington, and he and Mom and Dad and I went out to Redfire Grill Steakhouse in Hockessin! It's my favorite place! I always order the same thing...but boy oh boy, its delicious!

We've been busy working on all sorts of turkey items! Can't wait to put up pictures of our thankful turkey wall! It's been the talk of the school! :-) Pictures sometime over the holiday--I promise!

One other thing before I head to bed... we've been studying plants and animals in our science chapter. Part of what my kids had to do was to identify the body parts of insects. To make this more applicable and to create some real-life applications, I brought in modeling clay. The kids had to create their own insect (it could be made up, as long as it had all of the normal insect body parts) out of modeling clay, googly eyes, and pipe cleaners. Then, they drew their insect, and labeled the parts. It was a BIG hit! All of my kids did great on the assessment...and the bugs turned out so cute!

Hope everyone gets a chance to enjoy the holiday with family and friends!
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