Sunday, August 21, 2011

What A Week

I feel like I've started out every blog entry lately apologizing for my  lack of consistent blogging. I have a feeling like it might be the norm for me to only blog two or three times a week.... so sorry friends!!! It's been a crazy week around here. Thanks to my fabulous aide, my grade partner, her aide, and my husband, ...... my classroom is starting to look more and more like a kindergarten classroom. Major progress has been made but I'm still missing a few key pieces.... like student tables, my kidney bean small group table, oh, and removal of the rest of my two neighbor teachers' stuff. :) But here's a few more pictures so yall can see the progress we're making. This week, it all HAS to come together because the kids start in a week. :)
Covered my storage with velcro and fabric so it looks pretty and no quite so scary!!! :)

Morning meeting area is starting to come together.... still need a rug over here. 

The other side of my morning meeting area...with calendar stuff underneath

Look!!! It's starting to look information friendly!!! :) and colorful!
So, what do yall think!? Did you notice the HUGE rug that's in front of the storage area? It's so large. My kids' backpacks are going to get hung up there. Hubby was wonderful and evenly spaced them and moved them closer to the front so my little ones can reach easier. :) He also fixed a bookshelf for me!! :)
We went in yesterday for a few hours in the morning, then met my grade partner and friend, Lauren, and her boyfriend Andy for lunch! We ate at the yummy Iron Hill Brewery and ate outside on the deck. It was perfect weather, although just a tad warm!! We had such a great time!! We were both so full from our late lunch that we just picked up salad (and a panini for E) at Panera for dinner. Today, it's been chore day and relaxing before the craziness of this week. Tomorrow, all the teachers start back and we're beginning our week with a full day of internet policies.... :) Fun fun. I'm excited to start back but I'm not looking forward to waking up early again in the mornings. It's been nice sleeping till 7 every day. 5 am wakeups are going to be soooooo brutal.
Also, football season is just around the corner!! Who's excited?!!! I am!!! I've been browsing Pintererst for yummy recipes for tailgate (since this year, I get to help Mom plan tailgate for Navy games) and cute outfits. Although, I have more Navy gear than I could ever wear in one season but my Clemson side of stuff is a little weak.
Hope all my teacher friends out there are enjoying the first few weeks of school. Such a wonderful time of year, with so many interesting things going on ... :) Good luck!! I know yall will do great! :)


  1. HI Tina!! Thanks so much!! :) It's not finished but I'm pleased with the progress. :) LOVE your blog, btw!


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