Monday, August 15, 2011

Workday in the Classroom

Sigh. What a day. I was so excited to start in my classroom today but very apprehensive. After a warning email from a friend/co worker, E and I decided to wait to go in until the following weekend. I figured by then I would have a better idea of where / how I could use his help. Let me just show you the two pictures that I took when I got into my room this morning.

our cute bulletin board: for theme stuff
It looks so mild and unassuming, right?! Wrong. It's piled all the way back to the window. And the worst part is that my teacher's aide's desk wasn't in our room, my small group table wasn't there, and my kiddos TABLES weren't there. YIKES!!!! Oh, and all those yellow cabinets along the top picture, right hand side, ....yup. Stuffed full. Part of the problem is that with the construction going on (STILL) in the two classrooms next to mine, their stuff can't go in there yet. SO, I have a bunch of their stuff in my room. My wonderful aide and I spent the morning sorting through the big pile in the second picture and trying to figure out what goes to which room. We then proceeded to drag/move/grunt/carry much of it into the hallway. She unboxed several boxes of my personal books and put them onto shelves, and we put up one of the bulletin boards. Sadly, one of my chalkboards (barely visible in the top picture along the right side) is going to a recently updated classroom, leaving me with one chalkboard (with a big ol' whiteboard plopped right in the middle) at the front of my classroom. So, it's going to take a lot of creative work to make this classroom feel cozy, be instructional, and a good use of space.
Here's where we're at in the room when we left for the day:

It's starting to look much more organized!! Needless to say, we have a long long LONG way to go in the next two weeks. Oh, and on top of all of that, I have to put together all my orientation session plans and parent night stuff. Did I mention I was glad to be back to school??? Really and truly I am but I forget how much work the next few weeks are.... but, it was great to see lots of my fellow teachers and co workers and I can't WAIT to meet all of my kiddos!!
Take care yall!!


  1. I just found your blog, it is precious!! I can't wait to see your classroom once it is unpacked, I know it will look great!! When do ya'll start back. I saw that you were visiting SC. I live in the upstate, Anderson to be exact! :) New follower!!

  2. hi!! Thanks for following!!! I know exactly where Anderson is....I'm a Presbyterian College grad!! :) We start back the 29th, and teachers on Monday! :)love your blog, too!


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