Wednesday, January 12, 2011

New Year

Happy New Year!!!! :-)

okay, so I'm a wee bit late on my new year's greetings, but hey, what can I say? Life's been a little busy. The holidays with the family were great... my little brother came home from Oklahoma, and we had a great week off together. We went to White Christmas in Philadelphia (right after snow), had family pictures taken (last ones without E), and watched a lot of football. It was great!
Tony and I at dinner in Philly prior to White Christmas
My kiddos and I had such a fun month in December. I survived my first round of parent teacher conferences.... I only had 1 rough conference. Of course, it had to be the last conference, so not really a fun note to end on, but I think that the family and I made progress for the student.

I gave my students a Polar Express party to celebrate the fact that we had read over 100 books together! They were so excited! They each got a golden ticket to take home and color, and had to bring it with them the day of the party. We wore our PJs to school, and had hot chocolate and cookies. The students each were given a golden bell... we watched the movie, read the book, and did lots of train and snow activities! Here's a few pictures from the day...
Yes, I drew the chalk train by myself (but I copied a pattern I found). The paper train is a vocabulary activity we did together using words from the book.

We made our own train from the kids desks...they thought it was the coolest thing. We kept them that way for the rest of our 3 day week!

My little desk (which I use for my planning stuff throughout the day) was the engine of our desk train. The kids thought it was the coolest thing that Miss Guy was the "conductor".
 My students were so generous with their Christmas presents to me. I was so overwhelmed. I'm so blessed to work at a positive school environment.

One small hiccup in the school's Christmas plans came in the form of our first snow... our Christmas program had been scheduled for a Thursday night. However, we got a snow during the day, and it made our school parking lot sooo incredibly icy. Our principal decided that it would be better to postpone our program with the thought of keeping everyone safe. We didn't get a snow day the next day but we changed our program to the following Wednesday (our last day prior to Christmas vacation), and at 1:30, so that way the kids could just be dismissed with their parents after the program. The kids got to dress in their Christmas clothes for school that day. They were so adorable. Take a look at some pictures from that day...

My kiddos, my aide, and myself in our Christmas best!!
Just the kids!!!

Maya and Adrienne....wore matching shirts on our December dress down cute are they?!

The school student council visisted us and serenaded us with carols! My kids were so excited!!

Our homemade stockings for our 5th grade prayer partners

So, the other exciting news that came just before Christmas was in the form of a soon to be Eagle Boy Scout. One of the school's former students is working on his Eagle Project, and wanted to design and paint murals at our school. He spoke with me about doing a mural for my room, and it was the pinnacle of his project. He did a fabulous job. As my classroom has chalkboards on three walls (with the fourth wall made of windows), I asked him if he do a mural on a board to cover some of the chalkboards. I wanted it to go in my reading corner. He designed, built, and oversaw other Boy Scouts in creating a fabulous mural. Check out the pictures below! My kids, the school parents, faculty,..... EVERYONE loves it! I'm so thrilled with it!

I also purchased an easel thing... for me to use when we do small groups at the reading rug. It's already been so useful. Edmund helped me and put it together... bless his heart. It took him all of 30 minutes. If I had been putting it together, it would've taken me F-O-R-E-V-E-R.... How cute is it?! It matches my classroom beautifully!

the front...check out all the colorful baskets

the back is a chalkboard, while the front is a whiteboard

So, I apologize for the long posting... I'm going to try to do better to update this more often...

On a personal note, Edmund and I found an apartment! I'm so excited!! Our first home... :) He moves in to it in late February, and after the wedding, I'll move in, too! It's a nice 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom place. Wedding planning and preparation is in full mode, and we are both getting very excited. I'm doing bridal portraits later this month, and my bachelorette is this next weekend in South Carolina, my maid of honor is doing it, and I'm so excited! She sent the evite today, and its a "little black dress" theme. :) How cute?! The next weekend is my bridal shower (which my mom is hosting for me, and its going to be FABULOUS), and my Master's graduation. My shower is at a country club here, in their atrium room, and it's going to be gorgeous. The menu is super delicious, and I can't wait to share pictures!!!

So many exciting things!!! :) Stay tuned...
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