Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Mrs. Booth....

That's me!!! :-D
We've now been 'hitched' for a little over a week... :) Life is good.

Fun things to share...the wedding weekend went B-E-E-A-utifullY!!! :) Edmund and I were---and are--so thankful for our family members and friends who were able to celebrate the beginning of our marriage with us.

Saint Simons Island was a gorgeous place to have our intimate wedding. The vendors did an awesome job--their staff members were flawless in their service. We had no major problems (well, if we did, everyone handled it, so we didn't have to), and it all come together so nicely. All of the planning paid of. It was a memorable day.

Now, we are settling in to married life, and getting our routines all worked out. :)

I'll post some wedding pictures once I have them! :)
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