Tuesday, December 27, 2011

I'm Dreaming of A White Christmas

Merry Christmas one and all! It's been a ..... LOOOOONNNNGGG time since my last posting and for that I apologize. I know all my fellow teachers out there can complete appreciate that and understand.

Right now, I'm sitting with my family enjoying our "second Christmas", as we are now with my parents. Hubby and I spent a few days with his family, then headed over to my family for our second Christmas. It's been a very special Christmas as its our first Christmas married but our last without children. All in all, an absolutely wonderful Christmas. Our families completely spoiled us but we all have had a wonderful visit together. We're headed back home soon to spend New Years just us.

School has been keeping me extremely busy.... since my last post, I've had parent-teacher conferences, the end of Trimester 1, more theme work than I can even recount, and tons and tons of holiday specials. That being said, my little kinders are truly coming along and improving each and every day. I've enjoyed a few days off from them, but I will be excited to see them come the new year.

Right now, we're watching one of my favorite Christmas movies, "White Christmas". Somehow, the holidays would not be complete without this favorite! While I'm not particularly interested in snow this Christmas, this movie is always a holiday classic! :)

Hope that everyone is enjoying their holiday and time with their family! I'll be back later over the holidays with a short posting on some of the stuff that my kids did over the last two months! IN the meantime, enjoy my list of 11 in 2011!!!

I'm joining Miss Kindergarten in her 11 in '11 linky party!!
She has a super cute button but I'm struggling to get it up on my posting!! So sorry!!

11. Favorite Movie You Watched:  Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2
Yup, I'm a Harry Potter fan. We went the week the movie came out, drove an hour or so to get to the movie theatre, and ended up sitting in the second row! Yuck! But the movie was completely worth it! So sad to see the end of it all but still absolutely loved it!

10. Favorite TV Series: NCIS
I've been a fan for a long time of this show and just love watching it!! My family and my hubby all watch it, too, so it's always fun to see! I love Ziva! She's so tough and smart!

9. Favorite Restaurant: Blue Pacific (sushi)
Granted, my sushi fix has been very very limited these days but I can eat the cooked stuff! I'm looking forward to enjoying it without worrying about ingredients!

8. Favorite New Thing You Tried: Kindergarten
Ok, ok, I know that this one might be cheating but I'm loving teaching kindergarten! I see so much growth in my students and I LOVE seeing all of the excitement that they have over absolutely EVERYTHING... even if it's exhausting.

7. Favorite Gift You Got: A baby on the way
Technically, this is a gift still in progress but it's been a big big gift for us this year. An unexpected gift but such a blessing nonetheless. We are anxiously waiting for the last 12 weeks to pass so we can meet our little one!!

6. Favorite Thing You Pinned: Click HERE
Gosh, I have to pick only one?! Thank you, Pinterest for being a recent addiction. I love the visual appeal of it all...and categorizing everything is wonderful! Truly a fun fun thing!  I have a tendency to pin things related to school and food but it's also been helpful for visualizing baby things, etc.

5. Favorite Blog Post: Teaching Blog Addict
Again, too many to choose! I've really found a whole world of information out there but the blog that started it all for me is Teaching Blogs Addict! Thank you TBA for encouraging my blogging addiction, my love for creating a caring and challenging classroom, and creating a connected world of teachers!

4. Best Accomplishment: Earning my Masters in Education
So proud of finishing up my Masters in a year and a half... it was definitely a lot of work but I'm really proud of doing it!! Granted I'm still paying for it all but in the long run, definitely worth it!
My Family After my Graduation!
3. Favorite Picture:
Our wedding photographer did some bridal portraits with me prior to our wedding and it was such a fun experience!!! These are two of my favorites!! :) I just couldn't pick!

2. Favorite Memory: Our Wedding Day
I know, it's a little cliche, but this truly was the best day of my life! I married my best friend... we've been married for a little over nine months and it has been the best adventure ever. He is everything I could have ever hoped for and I love our life together.

Our Wedding Day!
1. Goal for 2012: Enjoying and Surviving Mommy-hood
I want to be a great mommy, and I want to enjoy it! It's a terrifying thought but a thrilling one, too.

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