Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Christmas Stockings Help!

Hey  y'all!! Today's been a pretty quiet day here in the Booth household. Yesterday, I was a busy busy bee getting chores and errands done, so it's been nice to have a quiet day. My sewing machine is in the shop for a little TLC, so I've spent my free time doing some sewing prep work.  I'm bummed because unless I get my machine back this afternoon or early tomorrow morning, it's going to be hard for me to finish up my shorts for the Shorts on the Line competition. :( AND, it means I can't actually sew up my project to share on Christmas in July.

I had to include these darling pictures of my Reagan from today (left) and last night (right). She's become so expressive these days, it's just so fun!!! :)

Here's a few pictures from last year's Christmas decorating... 

You get to help me with my Christmas project. I'm making Christmas stockings. Last year was our first Christmas together, and we didn't really bother with stockings. We definitely decorated our apartment, though. I just wanted to wait until this year once the baby was born.... and boy, am I glad I did.

It's much more fun to making Christmas stockings. My mom made our stockings growing up, and so did my mother-in-law. Something about it just seems like...the Christmas thing to do. So, when I saw this blog post on Fabric Worm, and this line of Christmas fabric, well, I was inspired!
This line is called Santa Claus is Coming to Town by Creative Thursday in green/natural (it also comes in aqua, pictured on the right). I'm a bit of a modern-ist when it comes to some things, but to me, Christmas should still be mostly green and red. I like the aqua, and I think it'd be so cute in some things but not for stockings. At least, not with our Christmas stuff. Our Christmas decor tends to be heavily on the red side of things (as you can tell from the pictures from last year). 

So, I selected three fabrics for our stockings... I'm doing a red fleece backing (so it kinda peeks through the natural and white backgrounds), and haven't picked out a lining yet. On my list for this week.... Each person's stocking will have a different fabric for the toe (matching someone else's stockings). That way they all coordinate even more! :) 
Edmund picked the Santa fabric for his, mine is the middle one (it says joy, peace, love), and Reagan's is the white with the little red cardinals. 

I have TWO areas that I need y'alls help with...

1. What kind of material should I do the cuff in? This is where our names will get monogrammed. I'm thinking it should probably be a solid fabric, so it's not so overwhelming and so you can see our names.... Maybe red? ?

2. I want to make a 4th stocking for our someday little brother or sister for Reagan. Yes, I know I'm a major planner, but I also recognize that once we go to have a second one, working on Christmas stockings will probably not be at the top of my priority list. Plus, this way it'll match and coordinate. So.... which fabric should I use? PLEASE comment on my blog post and let me know which choice you think...I'm terribly indecisive and could use some help!
Fabric 1 is the rick rac ribbon
Fabric 2 is the snowmen with antlers on them (green background)
Fabric 3 is the red background with green crowns
Fabric 4 is the green background with Christmas trees.

Thanks yall!!!


  1. Rachel, I love the fabrics!! Does the green in the Santa and the little bit of green in your stocking fabric match? Would green to be too harsh of a color to use, since there's so much red already? AND, I love the snowman fabric for the future child one! :)

  2. Rachel,
    I like red as a traditional cuff but a gold fabric with red writing would be different. I like the Santa's for my future grandchild, of course, you know how partial I am to Santa!

  3. I also love the snowmen for a little one, but only if it matches okay. There doesn't seem to be much green in the other three, so I can't tell from the internet.

  4. Oh my gosh, your daughter is ADORABLE. Like I'm not just saying that, she is seriously one of the cutest little girls I've seen. That little smile is killing me, so cute.

    I love that you're making your own Christmas stockings. I hope to do that too when I have my own family. It makes them so much more meaningful. My mom made ours growing up too and I like them so much more because of that.
    I LOVE that Santa Claus is Coming to Town line. So much that I'm now trying to think of things I could make out of it. ha

    I'd go with Fabric #1. I love the rick rack.


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