Monday, July 30, 2012

Maxi Skirts and Tunics, Oh My!

Good morning y'all! Hope everyone had a great weekend!

We certainly did... it was pretty busy. Friday night was our first date night without the baby.... our church has a monthly date night for parents where you only have to pay $10 for four hours of childcare. We signed up.... I dropped Reagan at 5:30---and cried the whole way home. Hubby was waiting there for me with a bottle of champagne and sushi. After calming me down and a glass (okay okay, two glasses) of champagne, I actually relaxed and enjoyed a nice leisurely dinner! We just talked and took our time. It was nice. We decided to pick her up at 7:30, so we could watch most of the opening ceremony of the Olympics. I'm really proud of myself that I lasted two hours. I think next month's will go much much more smoothly...for one thing, I'll have plenty of time to get used to leaving her, since I joined the gym. Anyways, Saturday, we drove down to Augusta to spend the morning/midday with hubby's parents! Had a nice visit...the boys went and hit some golf balls, and my mother-in-law and I went to a sewing store. We came away with two patterns for little Reagan! :) We also popped into the nursing home to visit my husband's grandmother! We made her week! She loves to see us and especially Reagan!

I was super busy yesterday sewing away! I'm so excited about what I finished up! I finished a knit dress that I started on Friday... I'll be showcasing that one tomorrow with a pattern review.  I also took two maxi dressed that no longer fit in the top. And there's no way that those will fit again. The one was a gift from my hubby a couple years ago when we attended one of my college roommates' wedding. Here we are at her wedding.
And me with Ashley, one of the sweetest women you'll ever know!
Since the dress doesn't fit in the bodice section anymore, I went ahead and cut it off about an inch or so above the gathered waistband seam. I folded it over, and sewed in a two inch thick elastic waistband.  I'm so excited about this skirt. I loved the dress and was really sad to think about giving it now I get to keep it, well, sort of!

It's a little limiting as far as what I can wear with it.... really, black, white or a really vibrant color (if I'm feeling adventurous). But, it doesn't wrinkle and folds up small. I'm actually planning on packing it for our trip later this week.

The second maxi skirt that I made came from a black halter dress that I bought from The Blue Door Boutique for our honeymoon last year. I love love loved this dress. And it was such a score because the length was perfect for my petite body from the get go! I'm so sad that it doesn't fit, but I'm beginning to recognize that halters are just not really an option anymore!

Here's a picture of us in Arizona last April on our honeymoon....

I wore it a couple times last summer before I hit my second trimester. Such a comfortable cute dress....and now, a cute cute skirt. I don't know if you can tell from the photo, but there's a ruched band between the halter and the skirt of the dress. I cut the dress at the top of this ruched band. Then, I folded the band over and sewed it. This gives me more of a ruched waistband to my maxi skirt. Every girl can use a black maxi skirt! The possibilities here are endless...even into the fall and in the spring. :)

I also worked on a kaftan tunic...for me! :) I found the FREE pattern over at's blog. It's a PDF pattern, so I was able to save it to my computer, but the bummer is that it takes 25 pages to print out...then you have to cut out the grid, tape it together, and then cut out your pattern pieces. A lot of work but it was free, and turned out cute!!

Hot Patterns (the pattern company that sent this to marketed the kaftan as more of a beach cover up, but I followed the blogger there, and made it more into a summer tunic. I used a cotton voile from Anna Maria Horner's Little Folks line for the main fabric, and a cotton bastiste from The Dressing Room (a cute fabric/sewing store in downtown Charleston that sadly went out of business earlier this month).
I ended up making a ten because I wanted to make sure that it had enough ease to get it over my chest comfortably. I was a little worried about the width in the hips doesn't have a whole lot of give there, but I think it'll work. I might try a size up next time, unless I make one with a stretch fabric. I'm planning on wearing this with lightweight leggings and sandals... It's so cool and has a boutique look to it! Definitely a make again pattern. It literally took me about four hours, from start (printing the patter) to finish.
Sorry for the awkward picture... I was standing on my tiptoes so y'all could see the bottom contrast band over the bathroom counter (yup, I'm that short). Consequently, my posture is terrible... :( But at least y'all can see the whole thing! Definitely packing this one!

I mentioned that we're going on a trip later this week... we're taking Reagan to go meet my grandparents in Nebraska! First time on an airplane for little Reagan! We're flying with my parents, so luckily there will be lots of us to handle her!

But, I'm going to have to pack for her for four days on an airplane.I'm working on my packing list, and will probably start tomorrow.... ya know, so I have a day to unpack and repack again!  I don't exactly pack lightly to begin with and now I have to pack for two! Any tips on traveling by air with babies?

Oh, did anyone else watch the US women's gymnastics last night? I was so bummed out for Jordyn Wieber! So sad! She was my favorite gymnast...and it made me cry that she didn't make the all around team.. I like the other two girls but she's just so poised. Also, now that I'm a mommy...will P and G PLEASE stop doing all the parents commercials of the Olympics? I cry EVERY TIME. Thank you mommy hormones.
Have a great day y'all!!! :)

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  1. I'm so impressed that you made all these clothes! I LOVE the black maxi. I wish I could sew more than just a button on :) I'm a new follower!

    The Tiny Heart


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