Thursday, August 23, 2012

Wardrobe Sewing Update

Good morning y'all! :) Hope everyone's doing great! I've been working all week on my whole cloth quilt for our tablecloth. I know it's not entirely perfect or probably done the way that a normal quilter would recommend but I'm really loving it. I've read a lot of quilting blogs, etc. and that's been a big help. I've basted the edges together, and made  my quilt sandwich. Now, I'm working on doing the actual quilting stitches across the quilt. I decided to go ahead and follow the pattern in the fabric. You can see part of it here.

What do yall think?
here's the top on my table with my runner!
I think it looks great together!! :)
she wanted to help! :)
I'm really excited and I think it's going to be such a nice touch to our home. I'm already thinking about taking a quilting class (so I can make really nice ones) and quilts up ahead in my future. Yikes. :) I'm waiting still for my fabric to come in to make my prizes for the giveaway winners. Sigh. Why is it that things in the mail always seem to take forever when you really want them to be here now?!

Oh, yesterday, Reagan and I tested out the stroller. We've always used it in conjunction with her baby carrier. I thought we'd see how she fits into it without the carrier. It's still a little bit big on her---mostly around the straps. She's still so tiny and trim that there was a good 6 inches left on the straps, and I cinched them as small as they'd go. She liked sitting in it but she did tip from side to side. :) I snapped a quick picture!! Too cute!

Also, I wanted to update y'all on my (ambitious) wardrobe sewing plan. Here's what I started out with:
and here's where I'm at so far:
I have patterns and fabric in store for a few of these.... so they'll be upcoming. I'm hoping to put together a photo gallery here in the next week or so with pictures of all my wardrobe pieces. :)

Hope everyone is doing great! :) Take care!
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