Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Forever Changed

Good morning yall! :) Hopefully everyone had a great weekend! We did! It's starting to get to that point when we have plans every weekend for a while, which is totally okay. I love fall and all the busyness the season brings. But, it the midst of all that busyness, I completely forget to recognize Reagan's 8 month! yikes! Bad mommy!!! But, I did snap some pictures last week, and wanted to share her 8 month milestones with yall.

At 8 months, Reagan weighs about 16 pounds two ounces and is 27 inches tall. She's wearing 6 months clothing, with some 6-9 month ones thrown in. We just moved her up to size three diapers! She's {still} sleeping through the night, although sometimes she's wakes up around 4:30 because she's hungry...like this morning...yawn. Now, Reagan can sit up on her own, and is starting to do it for longer amounts of time. Can't quite get herself into a sitting position, but if we put her there, she loves it. She's still way too busy to want to snuggle with us, but her curiosity and sense of adventure is so fun. She wants to explore EVERYTHING. :) We've started working with her on foods but she's struggling with that area (to be expected with her prematurity) so we keep trying and working on that one. Oh, and she's in the midst of some major teething. I keep expecting a tooth any day. The grooves and ridges are in her gums, and when she chews, it hurts! This is accompanied by a large amount of drool. She loves music and playing peek a boo, and doesn't mind going to the church nursery. AND, bows are starting to stay in her hair without a headband! I'm excited about that.... and hubby actually admitted that he likes the bows in her hair (provided that there is not a headband in sight). :)
Look at that big ol' smile! She's such a happy baby!
Gotta love the drool in action.... can you tell teething is a top priority these days?
And curious. Did I mention curious?
Learning to sit up on her own has been a big part of this month! Oh, and this sweet soft book is from my friend Marcy! It's been a huge hit! She's loves to try to turn the pages on her own. 

I recently have started listening to Carrie Underwood's latest album, Blown Away! For those of you that don't know, I LOVE Carrie Underwood! She's classy, has a great voice, and is a Tri Sigma! I actually got to meet her a few years ago at our convention in Nashville, TN! So super nice! There's this song on her cd that I love, and it usually makes me cry.... It's called "Forever Changed". It just seems to speak to how fast life changes, and how special each and every moment is. Here are the first two verses... aren't they beautiful?

"She remembers the nights he'd come calling
His yellow silk tie
In love she saw him falling for her in the fire of July
Then one day as the nights grew longer
Blackberry winter in a little while church
Stood a pretty young bride.

Forever changed, forever changed
Nothing ever stays the same
Forever named, forever changed

She remembers the change in her body
The blooming within
And how her heart seemed to flutter with the wind
Then one night as the days grew longer
That Indian summer
She brought love into the world
Cried and held me then"

It struck me, listening to this song, how much our lives are forever changed. Both by big decisions and small decisions. I, for one, am so thankful, that I too have been forever changed by the love of a wonderful man and the beautiful baby girl that we brought into this world.


  1. What adorable pics!! Reagan is looking so much more like Edmund everyday. Life is on a fast roller coaster of change now and you will be sad when it slows down. Miss ya'll

  2. Wonderful pictures! I just can't believ how big she is getting! That should be your theme song...you've certainly had a LOT of change in a short period of time. miss and love you guys!


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