Friday, September 28, 2012

Mad Libs

Good morning yall! :) hope everyone's having a great week! It's Friday! Yay! Does anyone else out there still watch Grey's Anatomy? I do. Yup. Guilty. I've been waiting (not so patiently) for this season's premier and I'm still churning after watching it last night. I was more than a little mad at Greys last season for killing off Lexie--my favorite character. Then, watching Mark die last night just made me sad. And Arizona. We know she's gone, too. Awful. Anywho, glad it's back on. Actually, really glad all of fall tv is back on. Some great shows. :)

So, one of my favorite sewing blogs, called Luv in the Mommyhood written by Shannon, has been doing a Mad Libs post and encouraged other bloggers to do it, too. I thought it looked like fun, so ... here goes!

*i'm longing to make "a christmas dress for Reagan" right now.
*i want to try "quilting" with some "cool free motion stitching".
*i wish i could sew with "liberty, simply color and so many other lines of" fabric
*i dream of making "a line of clothing"
*i keep track of my ideas by "making powerpoint slide shows"
*i'm inspired by "color color color"
*i would love to meet " " in person
*my favorite fiber is "jersey and cotton"
*i like to sew with "cotton"
*my favorite color(s) is/are "pink, purple, orange"
*i rock at "trying new things"
*i would like to learn how to make "anything with home dec fabric"
*i like to listen to "Reagan playing"while i "sew"
*i bring my "diaper bag" everywhere
*my favorite thing to "cook" is "dessert"
*my favorite thing to "sew" is "clothing"
*my crafting space is "shared with the dog's crate"
*if i had my own crafting room, it would be "girly"
*i sew with "coffee and my babylock"
*i like to "change" "existing designs"
*i can never get enough "chocolate"
*i adore "my husband and daughter"
*i also enjoy "cooking" and "reading"
*i like to fill my shelves with "books, mementos, fabric"
*i create best when i'm "relaxed and well rested"
*i'm currently excited for "the upcoming holidays"
*right now i am "watching tv"
*I love to watch "movies" while creating
*my guilty pleasure when it comes to creating is "making more clothes"
*my current favorite music crush to listen to while creating is "carrie underwood's cd blown away"

Anyways, I hope yall have a great weekend! :) Take care!

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  1. Well, there go two of my favorite characters. I've been slowly watching the show on Netflix. Not sure if I want to keep watching now. :(

    Btw, I think Color Bee Shocked is full, so message me your address so we can get started. :)


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