Thursday, September 6, 2012

Peplum Outfit & Store

Good morning y'all!!
I finally decided to open up an Etsy shop!! It's big news to me!! Right now, I only have Kitchen Aid covers listed, but I'm hoping to add a few other things to it over the next couple of weeks. It's basically where I'm taking custom orders .... so.... if you want one or want to give one as a gift, please order from me! I checked out my competition and my price range is right in there with everyone else!
So, go, go, get on your way, and order from me today!! :)

Okay, shameless plug done!

I made myself a little outfit to wear... the pattern is from Burda and you might recognize it from the cover of the August issue. You can see it here...
Burda's website says: This is one of our favorite looks! The bright Peplum Top that has a beautifully draped peplum that makes a great impression and trims your waist. We love it paired with this knee length Pencil Skirt in the same fabric. It is a classic style with no waistband, making it a perfect match to all your tops

I loved making this outfit! The peplum trend has been showing up all over the place, and I was anxious to get in on it. It's a very flattering trend if you have hips or curves, and since I'm still a few pounds heavier than pre-Reagan, I thought it'd be perfect. I actually ended up wearing this to my interview on Tuesday night, and I'm so glad I did. 
 It was super easy to make. Honestly! The hardest part for me was tracing out the pattern pieces. My Burdastyle magazine is amazing because of how many patterns are in it, but the icky part is that you have to trace your pieces. Which are all printed onto two large pieces of paper, front and back, in overlapping lines in four different colors. Yup. It's kind of like Where's Waldo but for patterns! Burda says that these are intermediate patterns, and since I found them super easy, it means either two things. One, Burda's level of difficulty is different than everywhere else. Or two, my sewing skills are really improving. Let's go with two, shall we?

 I was right in between two sizes on the Burda size chart, so I made the larger size and cut down. I really could have made the smaller size because I ended up making it smaller in a lot of ways. The skirt literally took no time at all to make. But it was HUGE on me. The front piece was so large that I had to take out 7 inches of width, and the back two panels were spot on. I used a metallic demin zipper for the back instead of an invisible zipper like the pattern suggested, and I love how it looks. It's covered when I wear the top but if I were to pair this skirt with something else, you can see it then. 
The top turned out beautifully. The only real size adjustments that I made were to do an inch and half seam down the two sides because it was a little loose on me. I also ended up doing an inch seam on the shoulders, which combated my usual problems of the shoulders being off. I also ended up going with different sleeves. The little cap sleeves were too little on me, not size wise, just in looks. I felt like they made my shoulders look even more broad. So, I looked in the Burda magazine for another set of sleeves. There is actually a version of this top with long sleeves so I just used those sleeves, and chopped them off at the elbows and skipped the dart. I love how comfortable these elbow length sleeves are. Very very versatile, too. 
I paired it with a belt here but didn't wear the belt to my interview
The pattern gives instructions on how to line it, but since I made mine using a knit ponte fabric from Joanns (thanks to a 60% off coupon, I got it for less than $25 for three yards), I didn't want a lining. It's soft, doesn't wrinkle, and the black makes it very work appropriate. I'm already imagining the many ways that I can pair these two pieces with both accessories in my wardrobe and other clothing items. Oh, and I've already picked out fabric from my stash to do another top like this one. I just love it!

And in case you want to make your own, you can purchase these two patterns from Burdas website. Go here for the top and here for the skirt.
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  1. You look great in that outfit. Love the pink belt and shoes. Love Mom

    1. Thanks, Mom!! :) You know me and my shoes!

  2. Ah it looks great! So jealous you can sew properly... Peplums are so flattering, I love them! I just did a post on peplums as well actually, maybe you'd like to read it? Link is

    Hope your interview went well :)

    Julia x
    Carousel Secrets

    1. Thanks, Julia! The interview went great! :) By the way, I loved your posting on the peplum trend! There were a few you showed that I was drooling over....

    2. Aw thanks Rachel! I'm glad your interview went well! :) x

      Carousel Secrets

  3. This outfit is adorable! I need this copy of Burda!! :) You look great!

    1. Aww thanks! I got my Burda on Ebay... BTW, I'm loving your blog-I'm just getting into quilting, too! :)


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