Thursday, October 18, 2012

Bees & More

Hey yall! Hope everyone's having a great day! We're taking it pretty easy today but I wanted to share my first bee block! :)

This one's going to Anna over at Random Musings of Anna. She's so sweet and organized the entire bee! She bravely volunteered to go first, and had our fabric to us early. She sent some gorgeous purple, green, and white fabric, and requested circles. I actually used only fabrics that she sent, since what I had didn't really match her colors that well. I think it turned out really cute, and hope it's modern and matches. :) Fingers crossed she likes it!

I have been hard at work over the last few days cutting up my charm squares for the I <3 Kona Swap! My colors were Kona Butter and Kona Sunflower. We had to cut 56 of each color...that's 112 charm squares! Below are all my squares waiting to be packaged up and in the mail. 

On the left is Kona Butter and on the right is Kona Sunflower. They look really pretty together.

I should probably mention that my sewing machine is acting up again. I'm pretty sure I have a birds nest. I've tried to adjust the tension, changed the bobbin, changed the needle, changed the thread, cleaned it out, changed the presser foot pressure, and it's still not sewing correctly. It's making a weird noise inside, so I'm not really sure whats going on. Thinking that I'm going to have to take it in tomorrow. :( I hate it when my machine has to go to the shop. That means a weekend of no sewing. Grrr....

Yesterday, I took Reagan to go see a speech therapist. We've been struggling to get her going well with transitioning to baby food. She's interested but has been having a hard time with it. The pediatrician and I talked it over at her last appointment, and she referred us to a speech therapist who specializes in feeding issues. The appointment went really well! :) Reagan doesn't have to go for actual therapy but the therapist gave us a ton of information and suggestions. She's going to get us going with a plan to get her eating more food. Of course, the therapist and her student who follows her just loved Reagan. They offered to keep her! She had a bunch of different toys for Reagan to play with, and my darling daughter made herself at home.

She was particularly fascinated with this toy. Seems I might have another gear head on my hands. She sure takes after her daddy.

Today, she and I are having a quiet day at home before I go to work. I look at this face, and I see so much of her daddy. She makes me smile!!
Hope yall are all having a great day! Take care!

oh...p.s. please say a prayer for a friend from high school. She is 34 weeks pregnant, and has been diagnosed with pre-eclampsia. Her baby girl is not handling the stress of the pre-eclampsia well, and they may have to deliver very soon!! prayers for her and her baby girl!!!


  1. I can't believe you finished that block so quickly - I'm still toying around with design ideas. Great job! Reagan sure is a cutie pie :)

  2. Wowzas girl! You're already done your block! it looks awesome! I love it. :)
    And Reagan is so darned cute I just want to pinch her little cheeks!

  3. Aww, Reagan is so cute! I hope her feeding issues are resolved easily. I find every day is a new challenge with my little one. We are transitioning to table food and it gives me such anxiety to watch her eat.


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