Saturday, October 27, 2012

Golden Birthday

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Happy Birthday to me! It's my golden birthday this year. For those of you that don't know, a golden birthday is the birthday that you turn the age your birthday date falls on. For example, my birthday is on the 27th of October. This year, today, I am 27 years old. It's my golden birthday. Hubby had his a few years ago. Reagan will have hers when she is 8. This year, it's mine.

I should really have all sorts of thoughtful things to say about myself on my birthday. Or thoughts on life in general. But I don't. Not really. Just the regular ol' thoughts flowing through my head. So, I think I do my usual list type of thing. This year, I'll share 27 things about myself that you might not know. It'll probably be a really random list but that's okay. I'm kind of a random girl.

1. I wear reading glasses.
2. Some nights, I just want a bowl of popcorn for dinner. No butter, please.
3. Whenever I say "bon appetit" I'm secretly (or not so secretly) saying it just like Julia Child.
4. I find it really funny when the dog starts barking in her dreams.
5. I'm actually an introvert. I love to be with people but I desperately need my down time.
6. I have tiny feet and little toes.
7. I like my pillow cold.
8. I stick my feet out of the covers at night.
9. I live in perpetual fear of being rear ended. I've been rear ended three times and it's awful.
10. I love mint cookies and cream ice cream. It's delicious. :)
11. I drink a glass of red wine daily. My heart will be healthy ... right?
12. I bite my nails. I'm really trying to stop. It's gross.
13. I have an odd least my husband thinks so.
14. I have an unhealthy obsession with everything Disney.
15. School supplies. More it notes. And sharpies. And colored pens. I can't get enough.
16. I might be secretly a teeny bit of a gear head.
17. I'm a big bookworm. I read every single day.
18. I kill plants. I don't mean to. Somehow, it just happens.
19. When I was pregnant, I craved jalapenos. I might have also wanted pickles with my peanut butter.
20. I hate raisins. And oranges.
21. I would sing Christmas carols all year around. And sometimes, when the hubby isn't with me, I listen to Christmas music early. Like April early.
22. I can't take shots. I'm really terrible at it.
23. I love happy endings.
24. I don't like things around my neck... like turtlenecks or high necklines or tight scarves.
25. I have a really hard time saying no. Always have. Probably always will.
26. I love sewing. And quilting. And that still surprises me.
27. I love my family (not so random but very very true).

This song, sung by Jimmy Buffett and Martina McBride always makes me think about birthdays. Also, I just love it. The music video was filmed in Charleston. :) Kind of sums up my thoughts about my birthday this year...

"Yes, I'll make a resolution that I'll never make another one. Just enjoy this ride on my trip around the sun. Just enjoy this ride..."

So, this year, I'll just enjoy the ride. I'm sure it'll be full of all sorts of ups and downs, but I know that I am so truly blessed. I'm blessed to have a wonderful extended family that all love me, I'm blessed to have a beautiful healthy happy baby girl, I'm blessed to share this life with the man I love. So thank you all for being here today to celebrate my birthday! :)


  1. Happy Birthday! Love your list! I'm not pregnant but I love pickles, peanut butter & mayo! Yummo

  2. Happy Birthday, special birthday girl! The day is almost over and hope it has been wonderful! I enjoyed you list and learned some things I didn't know! I loved the song and video you added to your blog. Great Aunt Marilyn enjoyed seeing Reagan's pictures on your blog when she stopped by today. Missed talking to you on the phone, but maybe tomorrow! Love and prayer!


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