Thursday, October 25, 2012

Small Projects

Good morning yall! :) Hope everyone is having a great week! Thought I'd share my two other things that I made. Right now, I've got several big projects going on, so I'm really loving crossing things off my list with some of the smaller ones. :)

I'm sure yall all remember how I recovered our throw pillows. If you don't, check back to this post. Okay, now that your memory's refreshed... you'll note that I wanted to add one more pillow to the mix. I wanted a BIG pillow. So, back in September when Joanns was having lots and lots of sales, I bought a pillow form. I finally got around to making a cover for it last week. I used scraps of fabric from the other pillows, and added some Kona coal to it.
 Basically, it's a mixture of the following fabrics:
Amy Butler Cameo in Harriet's Kitchen
Amy Butler Cameo in Forget Me Knot Sugar
Simpatico Straws in Minty
Simpatico Straws in Peachy
Violet Craft Madrona Road in Tangerine (from the tablecloth quilt)
Kona Natural
Kona Coal
See how big it is compared to the other pillows? I love that! :)
That's it. I used 2.5 inch wide strips and sewed them together. I then added a band of 3.5 inches of kona coal at the top and bottom. I think it really brings all the other pillows and colors together. Initially, I was hoping to have the strips go diagonally but I didn't cut them long enough and couldn't get it to look good, so I went up and down. Now that I've had a few days to look at it on the sofa, I really really like it. And it's a super comfy pillow.

Earlier this week, I decided that I really didn't like my Bible cover. I made it from an old Lily Pulizter shirt that I had. Well, it never really fit that well, and always looked so bunched up. So, the other day, I decided I could do a better one. And I did.
Journal cover tutorial
go here
I used this tutorial to help me. It's really clear once you actually sit down and read it. I had to adjust some of the measurements to fit better with my Bible. I drew out the measurements and that really seemed to help.
this picture's actually upside down... but you can see more of the binding which I used the herringbone for. The back three panels are reversed from the front three. 
I have to tell yall that I love love LOVE my new cover. It makes me so happy! :) It looks so much prettier and more me. I used some of my very favorite fabrics: Dear Stella Mumsy, Kona azalea and three prints from the Violet Craft Madrona Road line.

Here are the inside flaps/pockets (which, incidentally, work great to hold my papers that are in my Bible, too). :)

Now that I've made one, I can easily see what I'll be making for gifts. I love that my Bible is monogrammed with my name but this definitely makes it even more personalized. I'm debating asking my MIL to monogram the front of it for me on the Kona Azalea solid. What do yall think? Do you think a big ol' southern monogram would look good or just leave it as it is?

And just because I love to look at it, here's one more picture of it! :)
Oh, and since we're talking Bibles, mine is the Life Application Study Bible (NIV version). Just in case you were wondering.


  1. It's so pretty ( Your bible cover!) You have such great taste in fabric! And your pillows are truly lovely! I love them and all varying fabrics you use!

  2. Thats such a great idea to cover your bible like that -- I think I might do that as well!


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