Friday, October 26, 2012


Thank goodness it's Friday. Yall, I don't know why but this week has felt oh so very long. Could be that hubby got rear ended on Tuesday (no worries, he's okay and the truck's not even damaged). Could be that my birthday is Saturday. Could be that I'm just a little tired this week. Whatever the reason, so thankful it's Friday today. Looking forward to hanging out at home with my favorite girl and not having to worry about getting to work or anything else.

BUT--I have to tell yall that we had some sweet visitors yesterday. My blogging friend and now REAL friend, Vanessa from Designs by Sessa, and her sweet little boy, Cai, came over to see us. We had the best visit! :) So much fun to have a friend who sews, is a mommy, a former teacher, a blogger, and Christian! :) We were so busy talking and playing with Cai and Reagan that we totally forgot to get pictures! Vanessa is just as sweet as she is on her blog, and I felt oh so very comfortable with her. Looking forward to future visits!

Reagan took a super long nap yesterday after Cai and Vanessa left so I got in some quality sewing time. I finished up the last of my bee blocks for November and even got started on some for December.

My Simply Modern Bee is cool because we're all doing the exact same block. For each persons month, and there are two people per month (it's a 6 month bee). But, we each are selecting colors (outside of the Kona white for the rails). We're doing the Garden Fence block. It's super easy to do. You can find directions here for it. For November, one requested olive green and purple and the other requested orange and aqua. I think they turned out really cute. I didn't realize how much I loved polka dots until I was done and they both had polka dots in them. I used some of my charms from Simply Color for the center block. Both polka dots are from Michael Miller fabrics.

 It didn't really look purple in the picture but it's actually a very grape colored purple. 
This block is from my Color Bee Shocked Bee... It's actually a block for December, but Erin was sweet enough to send out our fabrics early. By the way, our bee has a blog if you want to see what everyone is doing, and so does Erin. She's a fabulous quilter. Go check her out at Sew at Home Mummy. She sent us all fabric from a specific line and it was already precut. We had to cut the squares of the Kona Snow (which is the prettiest shade of white... I'm completely loving it) but that took no time at all. She gave us directions for how to do these 'cheater' flying geese and they were so easy. I love love love them. I can see myself making many more of these blocks (perhaps as a panel in my Weekender bag?). I think it's gorgeous. And, it kind of reminds me of my mom. I think she would love these colors and the blocks.
That pretty much took up my sewing time today. I spent some time trying to decide which fabrics to use for a Thanksgiving outfit for Reagan. Got the pattern all set, now just have to figure out fabrics. I have a ton of spring and summer fabrics but not a whole lot of autumn or winter type stuff. I don't want to go overboard on the whole thanksgiving theme but I do want her to have something cute to wear for Thanksgiving with both sets of grandparents. Any suggestions?

Anyways, look for another birthday post tomorrow... if you want, you can check out my birthday post from two years ago here. Take care yall!!! In the meantime, here's some adorable pictures of Reagan...just for fun.

Happy Friday yall!

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  1. That's actually crazy when I read how many categories we line up in... Christian, blogger, sewer, mommy, teacher... haha! I had so much fun! I've been wanting to post about meeting you, too... I cannot believe we got no pictures!!! lol


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