Friday, December 28, 2012

My Final Hustle! :)

Kelsey Sews

I'm linking up my final Hustle list over at Kelsey Sews!
Here's my list:

1. Finish  my lemon bars quilt from Fresh Lemons - All blocks are completed and squared done. I've started piecing them together.
square blocks
2. Finish my Tula Pink quilt  (no pictures yet)
tula pink quilt top
This is the quilt top!
3. Make a dress for a wedding we're attending in October
Edmund and I dancing at Carrie's wedding
Sorry it's not a full picture of the dress but I love this picture from the wedding!
4. Reagan's Christmas dress
I made BOTH our Christmas dresses! Not the best picture of our dresses but a cute picture of us in them!
5. Finish up our Christmas stockings 
stockings b
6. Reagan's stacking rings for birthday gift - almost done! We'll count it! 

7. Reagan's quiet book for birthday gift- almost done, too! 

8. Alphabet softies for Reagan's birthday - haha! this one didn't happen! at least not for now!

9. Finish my white cardigan (no pictures yet either...its in the wash)

10. Gray Burda dress Replaced this with the Weekender Bag  
11. quilting bee blocksColor Bee NovColor Bee DecSimply Modern ALL,  Creative Blocks Nov, Creative Blocks Dec.

12. last pillow for the living room (I don't have a picture so I'm sharing my Christmas pillows picture instead!)
Christmas Pillows
13. make 2 other garments for me: Christmas dress, black ruffle skirt, Christmas top
my Christmas top here!
14. Reagan's birthday dress and accessories - cut out and ready to sew up! 

15. one other project (it's a surprise) 

16. Megan Nielsen's Banskia Top for the sewalong (no pictures yet)

17. chalkboard frame project
Honestly, not sure if this one'll get done since I decided to add something else. Maybe I can just replace this one??? 
17.  Make Christmas stocking holders. - didn't happen! I just tacked them to the wall this year since we didn't have a good place to make them. 

18. re arrange kitchen cabinets (aka Reagan proofing)  

19. (NEW) Thanksgiving Outfit for Reagan- OOPS! made them too big so they're still sitting in my sewing room! BUT, I did make Reagan a Thanksgiving skirt, a bow, and a Christmas skirt! We'll count it as a win!
Edmund and Reagan

Things I made that weren't on my Hustle list: 6 kitchen aid covers, five drawstring bags, an SC Pillow and cover, two Christmas pillow covers, and a pillow for the Pillow Talk Swap. 
SC State Pillow

pillow talk swap 9

Not bad.  Of the 19 things on my list, I had only three that aren't done (and two that are sort of half done since I'm sewing frantically to get them all done up!). 

You can go HERE,  HERE, and HERE to read my previous posts about the Hustle.

I'm working on an end of the year post with pictures of everything I've made this year on it! You'll have to look it over and see if you can spot my Hustle list!


  1. Wow! You crossed so much off your list! Congratulations. I love the weekender bag and pillows.

  2. What gorgeous malorgeous pictures.

  3. Wow congratulations on these amazing finishes !! You did such a good job :) It's crazy the amount of things we are able to finish in such a short time..

  4. Wow, that's amazing. You're superwoman!

  5. Congratulations on your completed projects!!

  6. I'm exhausted you sewed so much with small child! She had to be a girl my boys would never have let me do that much! Love her Christmas outfit.

  7. Wow, you were able to complete so much! Your little girl is such a cutie! Your weekender bag is great! I may need to make myself one in the new year.

  8. You did great!!! Love the stockings and the weekender bag!!! (and everything else!) Thanks for joining in :)


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