Monday, December 17, 2012

Ten, Eleven...

I really haven't posted about the shooting in CT. I've tried to several times...don't get me wrong. And I may in a couple of days but it's still so hard to think about. I keep crying about it. I suppose it hits home even more because I'm a teacher and I'm a mom. So, today, I'll just say that I'm praying. I'm praying for teachers everywhere going to school today with new worries, for parents who are scared to leave their children at school, for the children who are scared, for the community in Connecticut.

I deliberately ... sort of... didn't post about Reagan's ten and eleven month milestones. I have notes written down in her baby book, but I kind of wanted to wait and do a BIG post on her birthday. She's growing so fast these days, and its incredible to see how we are progressing from the baby stage into the toddler stage.

She's been a real trooper the last couple weeks, as she has her first official cold. Not too's only taken 11 months. All three of us actually came down with it---and no, it didn't start with her at day care. She had it before she began. We're kept her out of day care a couple days so she can rest at home--thanks to a couple great grandmas and my hubby.

Even with our trip up to Pennsylvania (with colds and all)--she has done really well. She handled the car ride with only a few tears and cries..mostly when she was getting tired of being in the car. Thank goodness for Chick Fil A, as we stopped and let her play on the way up. On the way back, we left so early that it didn't really matter.

lunch dates
She's so her daddy's girl though...despite her cold, she loves to play "car".
I LOVE this smile!

Reagan driving
please note that in this picture, we were at a rest stop and the car was completely off. 
I'm so excited for the holidays and to see how much fun she has with the wrapping paper and lights... I know she's still a little too little to get too into anything else! :)

Take care yall!

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  1. Her smile is so precious! You have such a beautiful family. :)


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