Saturday, December 1, 2012

Through My Eyes

How do you make someone else see the wonderful things about your child? When I was teaching, I often utilized surveys and parent questionnaires to learn more about my students and their families. I thought that they were are great tool... but I definitely didn't understand how hard it must've been for parents to write about their child.

I get that now. I understand.

Since I am returning to the work world, Reagan will be attending day care. While I think we're going to be very happy with the day care we've selected, it's not the same things as caring for her at home. Not to say that one is better than the other... they are just different. Getting ready for day care is proving to be a big undertaking: supplies, labeling, and paperwork.

But, one of the papers that we had to fill out (because there is a TON, can I get an amen on that one?) was an infant room survey about Reagan. Many of the questions were fairly obvious: bottles, diapers, naptimes, food, crawling, comfort items, etc. But the last part of it was hard for me. "Please tell us about your child and anything that may assist us in caring for your child."

Please tell you about my child.

Where do I begin?

I could start by telling you how determined she is. How stubborn and persistent. How she amazed even the NICU staff by her short stay.

I could tell you that she has no fear, she's adventurous in ways that I never imagined.

I could tell you that she's curious, and has a thirst for knowledge. I could tell you that she will not rest until she's figured it out.

I could tell you that she is a fast crawler. That once she started crawling, that was it. She's unstoppable.

I could tell you that she likes mechanical toys, things that move or make music. She's not so much into dolls or more girly toys.

I could tell you that she is so smart. She figures things out, remembers them, and uses that knowledge over and over again. I'm amazed at how intelligent she really is.

I could tell you that she looks just like her daddy, has her grandpa's blue eyes, and her mommy's personality. And that our dog runs away from her now.

Reagan and Shelby

I know that her quick smile and big blue eyes will capture your attention. I hope that she will quickly worm her way into your heart. I know that you will never replace me. No one can. But I hope, I pray, that you will love my daughter. She is the most precious thing to me. How can I tell you all the ways I love and care for my little girl? How I make you fall in love with her? With discovering who she is?

So, I hope, dear day care workers, that this tells you more about my daughter. Yes, I'll explain the peculiarities of Reagan, her quirks and needs. And blog friends, after writing two pages about her, I figured I should stop. The staff at the day care probably didn't want a novel, right? But hey, a  mom can try... :)

Reagan and I


  1. Awwww!!! I'm so wishing I could have taken care of her! She's just so cute! And p.s. just give them this link... haha!


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