Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I'm Noticing A Theme This Year...

south carolina

So our theme this year is CHANGE. I thought that last year was a year of change, but I'm really realizing that it's going to be 2012. Starting the New Year out with a brand new baby girl, and now, a move back to the South.... specifically, Lexington, South Carolina. 

We are beyond thrilled to be moving back to SC, and to be closer to our families. It will be so wonderful for Reagan to be closer to her grandparents. :) 

It will be so sad to be leaving our friends in the DE/PA area....especially my school community. I have been so privileged to have spent the last three years on staff there. I feel that the other teachers and staff have nurtured, guided, and supported me in so many ways, and I will always feel their influence and love. I look forward to many visits/emails/texts/Facebooks, etc. with them, and am positive that we will stay in touch! Knowing that Reagan and I (along with my mom) will be back up in early June for kindergarten graduation makes saying goodbye much least, for now.

In the meantime, I have a TON of things to do to get ready, including researching information on our new home. While I'm familiar with Greenville, SC and Charleston, SC, I'm not all that familiar with Lexington (or the Columbia area, for that matter).
On my to do list:
-copies of Reagan's medical files
-copies of my medical files
-stop the mail/forward it
-pack out the apartment
-clean the apartment
-turn in Reagan's heart monitor (after May 5th)
-find a pediatrician in Lexington
-find a church in Lexington
-find a new home in Lexington (working hard on that one already, thanks to my hubby)
-find a daycare in Lexington, one that does drop ins, so I can use it as needed

Also, we spent Easter with my in laws, and then spent about 10 days at my parents house. Well, I spent 10 days. Hubby had to work in Columbia, so he only came up on the weekends. We had a blast spending some quality family time. I could totally bore you with all the details...but a picture speaks a thousand words, so here are a few to give you a taste of our fabulous time there!

P.S. I'm bored with my blog design and layout. Any suggestions for a FREE template that's cute, colorful and more updated??! :)

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Reagan's Room

So I realized that a couple weeks ago, I promised pictures of our little one's room.... so here they are! Her room also doubles as our guest room, well, guest bed. Originally, Reagan's room was the guest room, which I had decorated in red and white. So the full bed and red curtains were already in place. Last summer, we bought the striped rug at the Pottery Barn outlet when we found out we were expecting. Kinda thought that the brown, white/cream, red, and blue palette would be great for a boy or a girl. We added things that we already had around, such as the white cutout lamps (mine from Japan), the blue/white fabric boxes (actually fabric covered tea boxes from Japan, used to be in our bedroom).

Obviously, since Reagan was born 11 weeks early.... we didn't really have much ready. We had cleared out space in the room and ordered the crib. My sweet brother actually picked it up from the store when I was in the hospital. While Reagan was in the NICU, Edmund set up the crib. The week of Valentine's Day, when we found out she was coming home soon, I worked like a mad woman to get things put together. It wasn't entirely finished, still isn't. I made the red polka dotted crib skirt about two weeks after she came home. I still have one more project to do.... these adorable DIY pom poms. I'm doing one in red, blue, and brown.
Pinned Image
In any event, I think her room is strong, feminine, and relaxing...with a slightly preppy touch!! Hope yall enjoyed stepping into Reagan's room!
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