Thursday, May 3, 2012


I just had to share my beautiful baby girl's first professional pictures. We had a blast getting these done, and I am so glad that I choose to do it now, even amid all of the moving nonsense. It was a complete joy to see her pictures, and to realize just how much my girl has grown and changed.

Look at how much she has changed...just comparing her to my hand in the other picture!
This was Reagan at 10 days old, way back in January. Can you believe how quickly time flies? I know that every single mommy and daddy out there knows the feeling that I'm talking about... when you blink, and it's already been almost four months.

I went to The Picture People here in Lancaster. I looked at doing her pictures at a bunch of different places, including more of a "photographer" type of place, but ended up going here. After looking at different packages, etc, I quickly realized I could get the most bang for my buck! And since it was MUCHO important to me to get the Hi-Res CD of her images, that narrowed down a few places.

A few of my favorites... don't worry, I'll include the rest down the road.... but I couldn't resist sharing on Facebook and here... :) I found the cute teal dress at BabyGap (when Reagan and I met my good friend Marcy for some shopping last weekend).... The ruffled diaper cover is one that I made (if you want me to make one for your little one, please let me know... ), and the tiger hat was a gift from some friends of ours when Reagan was born!!

I LOVE this picture!!

Oh, update on the move....
We found a new HOME!!! :) Yay!! We are all set to move in on May 14th! I can't wait!! :) It will be so nice to be reunited with the hubby for longer than the just the weekends. I don't know how single mommies (and military wives) do it. Yall have my utmost respect. Growing up as a military brat, I don't think I realized just how much work it was for my parents to be separated, to raise a family with one parent gone for periods of time. It's a huge challenge, and I've only had to do it for a few weeks. Yall are truly heroes.
We pack out next week. I feel like there are a million things to do right now, but I'm also trying to take some time to relax, which means sewing, watching The Voice (isn't Juliet Simms AMAZING???), and playing with my daughter. I know that next week will be here oh so very soon,  and with it, boxes, movers, cleaning, and packing.
Until then, yall have a great weekend!! :)
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