Friday, September 28, 2012

Mad Libs

Good morning yall! :) hope everyone's having a great week! It's Friday! Yay! Does anyone else out there still watch Grey's Anatomy? I do. Yup. Guilty. I've been waiting (not so patiently) for this season's premier and I'm still churning after watching it last night. I was more than a little mad at Greys last season for killing off Lexie--my favorite character. Then, watching Mark die last night just made me sad. And Arizona. We know she's gone, too. Awful. Anywho, glad it's back on. Actually, really glad all of fall tv is back on. Some great shows. :)

So, one of my favorite sewing blogs, called Luv in the Mommyhood written by Shannon, has been doing a Mad Libs post and encouraged other bloggers to do it, too. I thought it looked like fun, so ... here goes!

*i'm longing to make "a christmas dress for Reagan" right now.
*i want to try "quilting" with some "cool free motion stitching".
*i wish i could sew with "liberty, simply color and so many other lines of" fabric
*i dream of making "a line of clothing"
*i keep track of my ideas by "making powerpoint slide shows"
*i'm inspired by "color color color"
*i would love to meet " " in person
*my favorite fiber is "jersey and cotton"
*i like to sew with "cotton"
*my favorite color(s) is/are "pink, purple, orange"
*i rock at "trying new things"
*i would like to learn how to make "anything with home dec fabric"
*i like to listen to "Reagan playing"while i "sew"
*i bring my "diaper bag" everywhere
*my favorite thing to "cook" is "dessert"
*my favorite thing to "sew" is "clothing"
*my crafting space is "shared with the dog's crate"
*if i had my own crafting room, it would be "girly"
*i sew with "coffee and my babylock"
*i like to "change" "existing designs"
*i can never get enough "chocolate"
*i adore "my husband and daughter"
*i also enjoy "cooking" and "reading"
*i like to fill my shelves with "books, mementos, fabric"
*i create best when i'm "relaxed and well rested"
*i'm currently excited for "the upcoming holidays"
*right now i am "watching tv"
*I love to watch "movies" while creating
*my guilty pleasure when it comes to creating is "making more clothes"
*my current favorite music crush to listen to while creating is "carrie underwood's cd blown away"

Anyways, I hope yall have a great weekend! :) Take care!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

What I Love Wednesday & WIP

Good morning yall! :) Hope everyone is having a great week. I, for one, am loving this cooler weather that has been gracing South Carolina. Nothing says fall quite like the hint of cooler weather. I'm quite happy to say goodbye to the hot sticky humidity of summer.

Doesn't she look so cute above? I took the first one on Sunday and the second one on Monday. She's generally such a happy girl!! But, I'm more than a little exhausted today. Yesterday, Reagan had her first fever. Yup. 100.4--which I know isn't that bad, but it definitely freaked me out. First call, my momma (and later the doctor, just to confirm that if I needed to bring her in, I could). Luckily, we're pretty sure it was teething related but oh my goodness. I think we're learning what Reagan's like when she's sick... fussy fussy fussy, and doesn't want to be by herself. She took three naps yesterday, which is highly unusual, for her. So, she went to bed around 8 like normal, woke up a little after 10, and didn't go back to sleep until around 3. Oh, did I mention that she started screaming if I wasn't within her sight? Yeah. Great fun. Finally, around 2:15, I had had it. I put in her in her crib, and shut the door. Then shut our door, turned up our air purifier to loud, and tried to get some sleep. No workout this morning for us... seeing as how I didn't wake up until 7:45. Which is much later than usual these days. She's still asleep.... and I'm debated about when to wake her up. The joys of mommyhood.
So, back to my Wednesday link up of what I'm loving this week:

1. I'm loving watching my little girl splashing and playing in the bathtub. It has truly become another form of playtime, and it's amazing to me to see how much she loves it. {no picture: we made a conscious decision to NOT post bath pictures}

2. I'm loving the workout program hubby and I are doing. It's kicking our rear ends every day at 5:00 a.m. and it's starting to feel good. I forgot how much I appreciate regular exercise. Of course, I don't usually remember this when the alarm clock goes off right before five.
INSANITY: 60-Day Total Body Conditioning Workout DVD Program

3. I'm loving Suzanna Choffel from NBC's "The Voice". She auditioned Monday night by singing "Landslide" and I loved her. She had a sound similar to Stevie Nicks but still unique. Click on the picture below to see the video of her performance!
Welcome to #TeamBlake Suzanna Choffel! #TheVoice

4. I'm loving that some of my favorite shows are coming back soon!! Shows like NCIS, NICS:LA, Once Upon A Time, Greys, ... I might have too many shows. :)

5. I'm loving (obviously) this cooler weather. I love fall! :)

6. I'm loving my morning coffee. Especially today.... (as evident from my above story)

7. I'm loving watching hubby and Reagan playing in the evenings. It's so amazing to see my family grow together. I'm truly so blessed.

I've been working on this quilt. Mainly, it's to practice for the blue quilt for our bedroom. And, I'm going to enter it in the Tula Pink SewAlong. So, I got all the blocks pieced together, and I laid them out last night on the rug. It was awesome to see my vision come together. Now, I have to start piecing together the rows before I can get the quilt top done. What do yall think? Do you like it? I LOVE it but I recognize that I have a big obsession with color. I'm planning on doing a full post on it next week sometime so you'll get more details on it then.

all my blocks stacked up
all laid out on my floor
My white cardigan is almost done...despite the small sewing injury that I manged to get the other day. I was trying to brush away a fly, and caught the tip of my finger on the part of the machine that lowers the it was moving. Full speed. Yeah, it hurt a lot. My finger is still bruised but it's getting better. Oh, back to the cardigan (got no blood on it) but still need to finish the facing along the neckline and front openings, do the hem and put in the sleeves. Looking at what's left, I guess I'm a little more than halfway done.

And an update on my Lemon Bars quilt... I have over half of my squares pieced together! I've just been tackling a little at a time, and they're really coming along! I'm so excited about it, and I really appreciate everyone's sweet comments last Wednesday on it!

Hope everyone has a great day. I for one, am going to go pour myself another cup of coffee. Take care!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Color Bee Shocked

Just a little plug!! :)
I recently joined a brand new quilting bee via Flickr. It's called Color Bee Shocked, and we are still taking members!! It doesn't matter if you're super experienced or not, the gals in this are from all levels of quilting. If you're interested, go here to join

Here's the Flickr group description:

About Color Bee Shocked


This will be a one year project, with each of the 12 people in our group choosing a theme for their assigned month and sending out the fabric needed to make at least one block. When it is your turn, please fill out the questionaire to tell us what the "rules" are for your month's block and send out your fabric one week BEFORE the beginning of your month. You will be the Queen/King Bee for the month. We will have a new discussion thread for every month. Please post the answers to your questionaire there, as well as the date you sent out the fabric.

Everyone else, please post the date you received your fabric in the same discussion thread to make sure everyone received their fabric for the month. Also post the date you send the finished block back to the King/Queen Bee and of course post a picture. The King/Queen Bee should then post the date the block was received. It would also be great to post pictures of what you end up doing with your blocks.

If you are falling behind, please let us know, so that we don't have to worry about MIA members.

Please only apply if you think that you will be able to dedicate the time needed to this project.

Addison's Cross

Good morning yall! Hope everyone is doing great! I wanted to show off my second quilt! You may remember that I mentioned we went to my friend's daughter's baptism earlier in the month. We loved being there to celebrate her special day. I wanted to make something special for her to commemorate her baptism day.

I ended up making a baby/mini quilt with a cross on it. It's my own design, and it's all scrappy! I loved that I made this in an entire day. It was really easy to do, and I just went at it. I forgot to get measurements of it before I wrapped it up... sorry! I used some fabric from my stash for the back: it's Felicity by Emily Taylor at Riley Blake Designs. It's girlie without being in your face girlie.

It's not perfectly straight or square, for that matter, but since I hope she plays with it and snuggles with it, that's okay. I used silver thread for the top quilting stitches and white thread for the bottom. Reagan loved seeing the sparkle threads--it caught her eye, so hopefully Addison will think so, too. For the quilting stitches, I started inside the cross, and worked my way out, echoing the shape of the cross. I didn't quilt the whole thing, and I'm glad. It really makes the cross seem more touchable.

One of my favorite things about this mini quilt is that when you hold it up to the light, it looks like stained glass. I love when quilts do that! :)

Hope yall enjoy looking at this mini quilt! I can't wait to see baby Addison playing with it! :)

Monday, September 24, 2012


Hey yalL! Just noticed that my Feedburner is acting up and ALL my subscribers are gone. I know I'm not the only one who this has had happened and I'm so sorry!! Please re-subscribe! :)


Good morning yall!! Happy fall!!! Doesn't really feel like that here in South Carolina but Saturday marked the first official day of fall! we spent Saturday with hubby's family in Augusta, celebrating his grandmother's 97th birthday. Pretty incredible. They were, of course, so excited to see little miss Reagan and how much she is changing and growing.

 Just a little outfit I made for Reagan last week... It's about a 9 month size, so it's a little bit big, but I couldn't resist sharing it! :)

I wanted to share with yall a little blogland group that I'm joining in. Kelsey, over at Kelsey Sews is hosting the 100 Day Hustle. You see, September 22nd also is exactly 100 days to the end of 2012. WHERE DID THIS YEAR GO? Seriously.... I have no idea where this year has flown off to. So, to help us all get our to-do crafting and other projects done, she's sponsoring a linky group. :) Fun times.
 Kelsey Sews
I decided to join in and create my own list of things that I have left to do on my to do list...

1. Finish  my lemon bars quilt from Fresh Lemons
2. Finish my Tula Pink quilt
3. Make a dress for a wedding we're attending in October
4. Reagan's Christmas dresses (probably 2, but maybe a 3rd one)
5. Finish up our Christmas stockings (soooo close to being done)
6. Reagan's stacking blocks for Christmas gift
7. Reagan's quiet book for Christmas
8. Alphabet softies for Reagan's birthday
9. Finish my white cardigan
10. Gray Burda dress
11. quilting bee blocks (now that I'm in two... YAY!!)
12. last pillow for the living room
13. make 2 other garments for me
14. Reagan's birthday dress and accessories
15. one other project (it's a surprise)
16. Megan Nielsen's Banskia Top for the sewalong
17. chalkboard frame project
18. re arrange kitchen cabinets (aka Reagan proofing)

That doesn't seem so bad but I also have sewing ADD... I get distracted and often seem to start multiple projects along the way. This might account for the reason why my WIP basket is almost always full. Yikes.

Anyways, any one else starting planning for Christmas yet? I'm definitely heading down that road. It's Reagan's first Christmas, and while I know that she won't remember it, I will remember it. So it has to be special. :) Just like her birthday, which is shortly after Christmas. Did I mention I've already started planning that, too!

Oh, and just a little fabric eye candy... This collection just came out and it totally screams me! I love love LOVE it. Sigh. If only it wasn't so much. Isn't it just gorgeous? Enjoy!
Simply Color found HERE

Friday, September 21, 2012

Thar She Blows Dress

Good morning yall!  Cannot believe how quickly the days are passing. I've been taking every opportunity to get Reagan into some of her (my favorites) outfits before she grows out of them. I made this little dress way back at the end of July. At the time, it was huge on her. Now, it fits, although it's rather roomy in the torso section.

I used this Oliver+S pattern: The Playdate Dress. I purchased it from Creative Sewing Machine Center as a paper pattern, but on the Oliver+S website, it's only available as a digital download. You can get it here.
digital playdate dress sewing pattern

It was a dream pattern to work with! Oh my goodness! I'd love to sew her patterns every single day. Especially since there were a few new things that I hadn't done before, and her directions were so simple and easy to follow along. This dress literally took me two naptimes. That's it. I know, amazing isn't it?!

I used Michael Miller Thar She Blows for the main part of the dress, and matched it with this adorable polka dot (navy with white) that I forgot to look at the selvage for the designer name. Oops. I also made a matching diaper cover to go with it. One thing that I love about this dress is that it has pockets (which, are kind of pointless with an infant but they make this momma happy, so that's okay)--I used the polka dot print for the pockets! A little surprise! oh, the pattern called for three buttons on the front yoke but I only did 2 because I bought a size up in buttons (because it had to match) and I didn't like how the three looked on it. When she wears a bigger size of this dress, I think three will be perfect.

Needless to say, it turned out super cute. Reagan wore this to her friend, Addison's baptism last Sunday! She got so many compliments! The blue really brings out her beautiful big blue eyes!
 I'll be using the pattern for more dresses for Reagan. In fact, this will probably get made up into a Clemson dress and maybe a dress for Christmas season. In other news,  I'm working away on a couple projects: two quilts, a cardigan for me, and a dress for a wedding we're attending in October. Lots of sewing going on. Hope everyone's doing well! Take care, yall!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Good morning yall! One of the places that I like to look for sewing and quilting inspiration is Moda Bake Shop! They feature different bloggers, quilters, and sewists who provide "recipes" for different projects using Moda fabrics. Right now, Moda is sponsoring a contest called "Love It, Pin It, Win It" using Pinterest. Basically, you pick your favorites, pin them using certain tags, and hope that you get picked. You also can enter by doing a blog post.... so that's what I'm doing!

Here is my {current} favorite quilt inspirations from Moda Bake Shop:

 Modern Halves Quilt
This one is actually by one of my favorite quilt bloggers, Don't Call Me Betsy. I love love love it! I even like the border around it (which I don't usually like). 

go HERE to see the recipe/directions
Two other ones that I really like as well are these two:

Vintage Modern Pinwheels {below}
go HERE to see the recipe/directions
This one uses jelly rolls and is just strips of fabric... cut at angles. I love how modern it is but still has that traditional quilt feel. 

Jungle Path Baby Quilt {right}
I'm really drawn to this one because of the geometric structure combined with the bright colors. Of course, the fabric collection is just oh so cute! I love elephants and bright colors!

go HERE to see the recipe/directions
at Freshly Pieced
My Work In Progress
Over the last few days, I've been hard at work on my quilt for our room. Thought yall might want a quick peek at it. I'm doing the Lemon Squares Quilt from Faith at Fresh Lemons.
go HERE for the pattern/tutorial
I'm making this to go in our bedroom. Currently, we have navy blue and white in there and I really wanted to add some more color and texture to our room. Here are the fabrics that I selected for my quilt.
Thar She Blows Fabric in  Navy  by Michael Miller 1 YARD
 Aqua Bella Solids cotton quilting fabric from Moda 9900 34
1. Riley Blake medium tone on tone chevron with navy and aqua
2. Michael Miller Thar She Blows
3. Amy Butler Cameo in Forget Me Not in Sugar
4. Out to Sea by Sarah Jane Anchors Aweigh in Navy
5. Kona Solids White
6. Moda Solids Aqua

I love that this quilt makes me and the hubby happy. It's modern, fun, and even slightly whimsical but not overwhelmingly girly. I resisted the urge to put lots of flowers. You'll notice I used a print that makes an appearance in another room in our house. I think the Amy Butler Cameo in Forget Me Not is one of my favorite prints! It's such a pretty floral. Hubby liked the whales (also fabric I've used previously--for a dress for Reagan), along with the anchors and chevron.
My blocks so far... I have 6 of each of the 6 blocks made
 I'm making my quilt to measure 114 inches by 114 inches. Yup. HUGE. Mostly because I wanted an even set of squares. Slightly ocd. :) Basically, the pattern has six different kinds of squares. My finished quilt will have 144 squares that will measure about 9.5 inches. whew. That's a lot of squares. So far, I have 36 squares finished, and all the rest are cut out, separated and ready to sew.
I included the iron so yall could get a sense of how much fabric this is!!
Had to balance the stack against the wall to get it into one pile
I'm hoping to get all my squares done by the end of the month so I can actually do the quilting stitches in October. I'm thinking that I'll end up using Navy thread to do the quilting stitches. I used white to do the piecing. I'm going to do the binding in the aqua. I think that'll really pull it together.


Hope yall are having a great week!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Forever Changed

Good morning yall! :) Hopefully everyone had a great weekend! We did! It's starting to get to that point when we have plans every weekend for a while, which is totally okay. I love fall and all the busyness the season brings. But, it the midst of all that busyness, I completely forget to recognize Reagan's 8 month! yikes! Bad mommy!!! But, I did snap some pictures last week, and wanted to share her 8 month milestones with yall.

At 8 months, Reagan weighs about 16 pounds two ounces and is 27 inches tall. She's wearing 6 months clothing, with some 6-9 month ones thrown in. We just moved her up to size three diapers! She's {still} sleeping through the night, although sometimes she's wakes up around 4:30 because she's this morning...yawn. Now, Reagan can sit up on her own, and is starting to do it for longer amounts of time. Can't quite get herself into a sitting position, but if we put her there, she loves it. She's still way too busy to want to snuggle with us, but her curiosity and sense of adventure is so fun. She wants to explore EVERYTHING. :) We've started working with her on foods but she's struggling with that area (to be expected with her prematurity) so we keep trying and working on that one. Oh, and she's in the midst of some major teething. I keep expecting a tooth any day. The grooves and ridges are in her gums, and when she chews, it hurts! This is accompanied by a large amount of drool. She loves music and playing peek a boo, and doesn't mind going to the church nursery. AND, bows are starting to stay in her hair without a headband! I'm excited about that.... and hubby actually admitted that he likes the bows in her hair (provided that there is not a headband in sight). :)
Look at that big ol' smile! She's such a happy baby!
Gotta love the drool in action.... can you tell teething is a top priority these days?
And curious. Did I mention curious?
Learning to sit up on her own has been a big part of this month! Oh, and this sweet soft book is from my friend Marcy! It's been a huge hit! She's loves to try to turn the pages on her own. 

I recently have started listening to Carrie Underwood's latest album, Blown Away! For those of you that don't know, I LOVE Carrie Underwood! She's classy, has a great voice, and is a Tri Sigma! I actually got to meet her a few years ago at our convention in Nashville, TN! So super nice! There's this song on her cd that I love, and it usually makes me cry.... It's called "Forever Changed". It just seems to speak to how fast life changes, and how special each and every moment is. Here are the first two verses... aren't they beautiful?

"She remembers the nights he'd come calling
His yellow silk tie
In love she saw him falling for her in the fire of July
Then one day as the nights grew longer
Blackberry winter in a little while church
Stood a pretty young bride.

Forever changed, forever changed
Nothing ever stays the same
Forever named, forever changed

She remembers the change in her body
The blooming within
And how her heart seemed to flutter with the wind
Then one night as the days grew longer
That Indian summer
She brought love into the world
Cried and held me then"

It struck me, listening to this song, how much our lives are forever changed. Both by big decisions and small decisions. I, for one, am so thankful, that I too have been forever changed by the love of a wonderful man and the beautiful baby girl that we brought into this world.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Come to My Table

150Good morning y'all! Hope everyone is having a great week. I was reading through my blogs last night and was so excited to see that Andrea at The Train To Crazy featured me yesterday on her weekly "Make It Wear It Thursday" for my Burda Peplum outfit. Go HERE to see it! Thanks so much, Andrea! :) By the way, Andrea has an awesome blog that has been one of my go to blogs since I began my adventures into sewing! She's so sweet, and leaves the nicest comments! :)

My mom and I had a blast on Monday at Creative Sewing and at Joanns! Got a few goodies for some sewing projects, and had a yummy lunch. She was so excited to spend time with Reagan (and me, I think... lol). When we were out, I got the fabric to do the binding on my tablecloth quilt. When I got home, I got the fabric washed and my binding strips cut. Then, on Tuesdsay, I worked hard to get the binding done and on and my quilt finished.

Here it is.. my first quilt.
Definitely not perfect but I really am proud of it. Again, entirely self taught on this...but lots of blogs helped me get there. The places that were of the most help to me:

1. Pile o' Fabric
2. Diary of A Quilter
3. Stitched in Color
4. Red Pepper Quilts
5. Fresh Lemons
I used Violet Craft Madrona Road Wild Carrot Tangerine for the whole cloth part. I added the two side panels in Kona Cotton White, and the backing and binding is also made of Kona White Cotton.  I did a sort of free motion quilt stitching, and mimicked the pattern of the flowers.
Things I learned doing this:
a. I need to use basting spray because pinning didn't work for me so hot
b. I desperately need a rotary cutter and rotary board because this girl can't cut straight
c. I need to use my walking foot the whole time--I ummm, kinda cheated and used the clear open foot to I could see the fabric better since I sort of free motion quilted
d. how to do binding (because I didn't do it the "right way" with this one but I'm pleased with how it looks nonetheless)

But, all told, not too shabby for my first quilt and it looks amazing as my tablecloth. Especially layered with my Williams and Sonoma table runner. What do yall think?
I've definitely bitten the quilting bug, however, as I already started my next quilt (have 16 blocks done already) AND I joined in on a Quilt A Long/Sew A Long. There's a button on my side bar for the quilt/sew along... it's basically celebrating a fabric/designer named Tula Pink (yup, I highlighted her newest fabric line yesterday, "The Birds and the Bees"). I'm being very adventurous with this... because I designed my own quilt pattern. Say what? Yup. I drew it all out and have it all mapped out. Who knows if I'm doing it "correctly" but I think it'll work. No, scratch that... I know it will work because I will make it work. :)Just like with my quilt above. Sometimes you just have to channel your inner Tim Gunn and make it all work.
Tim Gunn
Take care yall and have a great weekend! :)

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Given Enough Fabric...

Good morning y'all!! Hope everyone is doing alright! Okay, so a while back, I stumbled upon these really cute poster/quote things on Pinterest and they made me laugh. So, I thought I'd share them with yall and drool over some of my favorite fabric lines (at least for right now)....
Love it!!:)Must. Have. This. Mug.
So if you know me at all or have been reading this blog for a little while, you probably already know that I really like colorful fabric. Obviously, I love color and modern prints so it's really hard to pick a few fabric lines that I just there are kind of a few listed here. I picked out some of my favorite fabric lines, and then my top three prints in each line.

1. Tula Pink, The Birds and the Bees, for Free Spirit Fabrics (available here & more)
Wasp The Birds and the Bees Fat Quarter Bundle Tula Pink for Free Spirit FabricsCreek The Birds and the Bees Fat Quarter Bundle Tula Pink for Free Spirit Fabrics
I love the jewel tones in this collection!! I have a few quilt ideas for this collection... but I don't quite know which one I want to do yet, so I haven't bought the fabric or anything. I just love it though, don't you? 
TP26_Sunset TP27_Mist TP25_Pool
Sunset Bees, Mist Little Bits, Pool Tree of Life

2. Violet Craft, Madrona Road, for Michael Miller Fabrics (available here & more)
Citrus Madrona Road Fat Quarter Bundle Violet Craft for Michael Miller FabricsOcean Madrona Road Fat Quarter Bundle Violet Craft for Michael Miller Fabrics
Again, bright cheerful jewel tones. I love how this collection has a vintage feel to it but is still very very modern. This is the collection that my quilted tablecloth fabric is from... Again, I'd love to make a quilt out of this but I just can't pick a design or fabrics from it. Oh, go here to read the designers story on this! It's beautifully written! I think I like the Citrus colorway the best but I like them both a whole lot!
Broken Herringbone in Pink,  Memoir in Charcoal, Farmstead in Petal

3. Joy by Kate Spain for Moda Fabrics (available here & more)
Obviously I love Christmas and this is one of my favorite lines. I love the line I used by Creative Thursday for our stockings, and I think that this would coordinate beautifully. It's pretty classic but still very updated. 
Joy Tonal Berry Winter Garden Yardage SKU# 27124-21 Joy Winter Mint Tree Line Yardage SKU# 27125-12  Joy Berry Peace Yardage SKU# 27126-11
Tonal Berry Winter Garden, Winter Mint Tree Line, Berry Peace Line

4. Sarah Jane, Out to Sea, for Michael Miller (available here & more)
This gorgeous collection is available in three color ways and I love them all!! My favorite is the Deep Sea Jewel.I've actually dreamed up how to do Reagan's big girl room in this fabric collection but then I realized that that'd be a little selfish since it'd really be more for me. I adore this collection. I've been lusting over it for months, since I saw the preview on Sarah Jane's website. Yup. 
Mermaid Play in Blossom, Pirate Girls in Breeze, Sea Flowers in Navy

5. Lotta Jansdotter, Bella (available here & more)
This line is so fresh! I love how its colorful, bright, simple, and still very striking! The lime green isn't really my favorite but I really like the rest of the collection. 
Off Kilter Lines in Teal, Pods Orange, Posies Ash

6. Pillow and Maxfield Christmas for Michael Miller Fabrics (available here & more)
This collection comes in two colorways: spunky and vibrant. I love that they're fairly traditional but oh so very modern. I'm envisioning so much with these fabrics, but I think they'd be perfect for a quilted tree skirt. I wasn't going to pick another Christmas line but I just couldn't resist!
Pillow & Maxfield Christmas Holly Berry Tonal Kaleidoscope Yardage SKU# DC4703-HOLL-D Pillow & Maxfield Christmas Santa Large Curly Swirl Yardage SKU# DC4088-SANT-D Pillow & Maxfield Christmas Peppermint Large Whimsy Doozie Yardage SKU# DC4094-PEPP-D
Holly Berry Tonal Kaleidoscope, Santa Large Curly Swirl, Peppermint Large Whimsy

7. Ladies Stitching Club by Oliver + S (available here & more)
Moda The Ladies Stitching Club Fat Quarter Assortment
This fabric collection is so sweet and colorful. I love how it has such a vintage vibe but still so very fresh. It's just pretty. :) I don't think I'd ever buy large amounts of this line but I can so see a few quilts made out of it... 
Moda The Ladies Stitching Club Bouquet Tea Cakes Pink Moda The Ladies Stitching Club Sundress Solarium Orange Moda The Ladies Stitching Club Embriodered Tales Stripe Garden Party Blue
Bouquet Tea Cakes Pink, Sundress Solarium Orange, Embroidered Tales Stripe Garden Party Blue

In looking at the fabric collections that I love, I realized (or reaffirmed) a few things about what I like:
a. I love bright colors
b. modern is in (at least for me)
c. I don't really do the whole cutesy prints (that much...although I do like them occasionally)

What do yall think? Anyone have a favorite fabric collection?
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