Friday, January 25, 2013

Bee Blocks and Small Projects

Hey yall!! Thanks so much to my trio of ladies who contributed to to the linky party earlier in the week! I loved yalls tips! :) Too fun! I hope yall all enjoyed a peek into my favorite store! :)

Last weekend, I accomplished quite a bit of sewing! :) Want to see? Okay!
I made three little bibs for Reagan... I backed them with a soft pink terry cloth that I purchased from, yup, Creative Sewing! They were so fun to make, and I'll probably be making more over the next few weeks. It's hard to find bibs that fit her.... but more on that later! 

I made a cute pillow for our nanny! Her birthday is in a little over a week, and I wanted to get that  checked off of my list. I'll probably make her a small drawstring bag, too, but I wanted to have plenty of time on a pillow for her. This is the front of the pillow, and the back is below. 

I made this Granny Panty block for >>>>> in my Creative Quilt Blocks bee. She requested red and aqua blocks, so I hope that she likes it! Most of the other ladies in our bee went more with the aqua, so I hope that this fits in okay. 
And, I made a new ironing board cover. I'm ashamed to say that our old one had holes in it, and was so worn through, that the frame of the ironing board was showing through. I did this entirely from my stash, and even though it took a while, I'm really pleased with it. It's the same fabric that I used to recover the bumpers in Reagan's crib, but hey, it works! It's a little bit heavier cotton fabric that I got at Joanns. I think it's actually an apparel cotton but it works great for this. 

For those of you that noticed, I did get a bookcase in my sewing space. That was the other bit of "work" that happened. Hubby and I did some sorting and rearranging while Reagan napped this weekend, and it meant that I got to move the bookcase. It felt good to really have more space to put all my fabric stuff! It's amazing the difference it makes, and how much it actually balances the space. 

I also spent a great deal of time working on a quilt that I'm making for one of my sorority sisters from college. I'm making her tshirt quilt with some of her old sorority shirts. I finished piecing the top, and prepping the binding, and the backing is almost all the way ready. I have all the batting and thread, so I'm almost ready to baste it together! so, this is just a teaser for yall to see!

I am so pleased with how it's shaping up, and I can't wait to have it finished up for her! Plus, I'm really going to have to make one for me... I LOVE it. 

This weekend, I have a few things to work on, mostly things that are in my W.I.P. basket--a kitchen aid mixer cover, the tshirt quilt, and two bee blocks. I also have a dress, pants, and top for Reagan to finish up, and two skirts of mine to fix the waistband on. 

What are yall going to be working on this weekend? Take care!


  1. You were a very busy bee!! Well done on all of the accomplishments!

  2. I love the pillow, Rachel! Oh, and I'm jealous of your ironing board cover. It's been on my to do list but keeps getting pushed back!


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