Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Happy New Years yall!! I have several posts over the next few days to celebrate the end of 2012 and the beginning of 2013 so be looking for those. I was going to apologize for not blogging much over the last ten days but I'm not going to. I really enjoyed my vacation - both from work and blogging! I love doing both but it was so refreshing just to be. To be with my family. To be. Although, truthfully, I could use a couple more days to get a few things done around here but that's okay!

We came home today from my parents' house, where we celebrated Christmas yesterday! It was a great few days and I'll have a full post soon (once I get my pictures uploaded).

When we got home, there were several packages waiting for me!

The first was from Pattern Crush, an etsy store! Right now, Samantha has half yards of Saltwater for 4.25! That's a great price! I won a fat quarter bundle a couple weeks ago and it arrived! I'm so excited!! It's been on my wish list since I saw pictures online from Quilt Market earlier in the fall. It's the blue colorway of Tula Pink's new line, Saltwater. These fabrics looked gorgeous in pictures... let me tell you, they are even prettier in person.
saltwater by tula pink
The next several packages were all from fellow Simply Solids Swappers!! We already have four sets of fabric sent in!
Here's how it'll work on my end! I have put up a little box on my blog, and every day (or so) I'll update it. Erin is keeping track of packages sent, and I'm posting packages received. I'll also put up pictures of all the pretty fabrics. It's like being in a fabric shop for me! SO fun!!! Maybe even a dream job, someday!
simply solids fabric 1
We've received two bundles of purples, a set of greens, and gorgeous shade of pale blues!! Swappers, if you can remember, please put in what kind of fabric it is and the color name! That way, I can send it to the rest of our swappers so that they can match it (in the future!).

Here's what the box looks like! You'll see your initials, your zip code, and the date I receive your fabrics. If you've mailed it and I haven't received it, please email me and let me know!
In the meantime, I hope everyone's enjoying the first day of 2013!! We're celebrating a Clemson victory last night!! :)
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