Friday, January 18, 2013

Liebster Award

Yall, my sweet friend, Erin at Sew At Home Mummy, nominated me for a blogging award! It goes out to little blogs - blogs with less than 200 followers!! Thanks, Erin!! You're too sweet!!! I'm honored!
So, this is how it works. If I choose to receive the award (which I have!!!), I have to answer 11 questions that Erin gave me, as well as tell yall 11 things about myself. Then, I get to nominate 11 of my favorite little blogs, and ask them 11 questions! It's a great way to introduce people to small blogs and to get to know one another! Cool, right?

To participate, here's what has to happen:
1. Thank and link back to the one who nominated you (me)
2. Answer 11 questions asked to you by me
3. Tell us 11 things about yourself
4 .Nominate 11 fellow blogs that have less than 200 followers
5. Ask them 11 questions

Let's get started! Here are Erin's questions for me!

1. What's your favorite movie?
That's a tough question but I absolutely love The Family Stone and White Christmas!
2. Tell me something about the town you grew up in. 
Which one? Haha. To be fair, my childhood was spent in over eight cities, in six states, and three countries. I would say that my "town" is every Navy base. It's where I feel a sense of homecoming, when I see servicemen and women walking around, with gray surface ships and black submarines, and military language.
3. Where do you think you got your "quiltly" or "crafty" gene.
Probably from my mom. She always wanted to quilt, and finally picked it up this year. Growing up, though, she made clothes for my brother and I. The itch didn't hit me until I got pregnant, and now it's such a huge part of who I am.
4. If you had to pick a movie star who's most similar to you (in any way), who would it be (and post a picture, please!). 
I'd really like to think Reese Witherspoon. I adore her. She's so cute, and I have a lot of respect for her. She's smart, independent, compassionate--and you can tell that she cares immensely about her children.

reese 5. What is your most favorite quilt block you've ever made?
Hmmm...that's a tough question. I'm really proud of a block I made for my Creative Quilt Blocks Bee. I used miniature half square triangles in the middle of my flying geese. I think it looks really cool!
zusjeb block for creative quilt blocks bee 6. Do you have a name for your sewing machine?
Yup. It's Lizzie. My machine is a Babylock A Line Series Elizabeth model, and since Pride and Prejudice is one of my all time favorite books (and movies), I took Elizabeth Bennet's nickname for my machine. I'm hoping to make a cover for her at some point (she came with a hard plastic one but I'd like a pretty one!)
7. How many sewing machines do you own (and what brands are they?) (and if you have a picture of "betty" or "violet", please post!)
It's just me and Lizzie, for now! I'd love to have a serger though.
lizzie 8. What kind of space do you create in (i.e. a spare room, the dining room, the basement, a closet), do tell!)
Haha! I share my sewing space with the dog. It's technically an enclosed patio room in our townhouse, and it just barely fits the dog crate and all my sewing stuff. In fact, I actually use the top of the dog's crate as a workspace.
9. What does your significant other think about your crafty ways?
For the most part, he's pretty supportive. I think that sometimes, he gets a little freaked out by all the fabric and how into it I can get. But, he loves that I have something that I'm passionate about!
10. Have you ever participated in an online/virtual bee? Which one (s)?
Yup! I'm kind of addicted ! I'm currently in five: Creative Quilt Blocks, Color Bee Shocked, Simply Modern Bee, and Simply Solids Bee Viridian Group, and the Imagine Circle for do.Good Stitches.
11. If you had to pick one word to describe you, what would it be?
Hmmm...that's a really tough question for an English major. I think I'd probably pick "girl next door". That's one word, right?! :)

Alright, now it's time for me to share 11 things with yall. Here goes!

1.I love having a paper organizer. Currently, I have an Erin Condren Life Planner, and I'm obsessed. In fact, that was hubby's big gift for me for Christmas (and I got a custom design!). I've used Erin Condren the last two years, and before that I used a Whomi planner for over four years.  There is just something so satisfying about having it all written down in one, you can use cute colored pens!
2. I don't really think of myself as particularly creative, but I'm often reminded by others that I am. I really love colors, in any shape or form, and I guess I'm gaining confidence in how to play with them. 
3. I Love Lucy. Yup. I'm love it. It's one of my favorite tv shows. Modern comedy shows just aren't all that funny to me, but good ol' slapstick Lucille Ball humor, get's me every time! Doesn't seem to matter how many times I see Lucy stuffing chocolates down her shirt, makes me laugh. 
4.Secretly (well, not any more), I'd love to be a country girl. But I just can't quite give up suburbia. Plus, there's that whole, out there in the middle of no where thing. I just need Starbucks and traffic lights to feel connected. Meanwhile, I pretend by wearing cowboy boots as frequently as possible. 
5.Speaking of Starbucks, I have a full fledged coffee addiction. We have two coffee pots in our kitchen, and we just BOTH on a daily basis. Hubby and I drink a whole pot of coffee every morning, more at work, and then use our Keurig in the evening (thanks to my sweet brother who gave it to us for Christmas). 
6. Sewing and quilting make me happy. It took me a long time to really find a hobby that I love, and I did. 
7. My husband and daughter are my whole heart. Yall probably already knew that, but I thought I'd share it. 
8. I knew motherhood would change me, but I had no clue how much. I'm so thankful for it, and who I am becoming because of being Reagan's mommy. 
9. I love Disney. In fact, I'm already saving up to take Reagan to Disney World. I've got it all planned out already. I can't wait to share in her first experience at Disney World, of seeing the castle, the princesses, the characters, the parades, and all the fun rides. I know it's going to be such a special experience!
10. For the longest time when I was in middle and high school, I really wanted to work for the State Department, overseas in an embassy. That obviously didn't happen, and I can't say that I'm sad that I missed it. I love being a teacher and working with children! Obviously, God had a different career path in mind for me. 
11. I love musicals! Some of my favorites are Singing in the Rain, In the Good Old Summertime, White Christmas, Holiday Inn, Easter Parade, .... I could go on!

So, my turn to pass along the honors! I'm awarding these wonderful 11 bloggers:

1. Caila-Made - I LOVE her sewing style! She dresses her cute cute daughter in beautiful dresses and fun colors, and it always inspires me in sewing for Reagan.
2. Kelsey Sews - I first came across Kelsey from another blogger, and last fall, I joined in on her 100 Day Hustle and had a blast! It's been so great getting to know her, and I think she is a fabulous quilter!!!
3. Clemson Girl - okay, so I'm cheating a little bit on this one, as she has just over 200 followers but I had to put her on my list! She's great, and I love her giveaways! I've actually won a giveaway from her (the most adorable Clemson leg warmers for Reagan) but I LOVE how she keeps all us Clemson girls in orange and purple fashion, up to date with the sports, etc!
4. Elvy Crafts: Handmade Lovelies - She's a recent find, but I love her site!! Linh is doing Erin's Simply Solids Bee, and does some gorgeous long arm quilting! I'm enjoying see her fresh take on blocks and quilting.
5. Sam ipsa Loquitur - Not a crafty blogger but a fashion blogger! Her sense of style is similar to my own, so I'm especially enjoying her 30 in 30 series right now. She's also a law student, and  super duper smart.
6. A Bright Corner - I "met" Andy just recently because we are both members of the imagine do.Good stitches bee. She's an amazing quilter, and has beautiful bright quilt designs!
7. Quilter in the Closet -  I met Jen the same way and she's also a 'newbie' in the quilting scene! She's very talented and I love seeing her creations. She's not afraid to try anything!!
8. Sew Festive Handmade - Rebecca is another young quilter/sewist and is also a coffee girl! We even have the exact same letter R mug from Anthropologie! Go check her out!
9. The Misadventures of Yours Truly - this blog is by one of my real life besties! Emily has an amazing sense of humor and a love of God, and she's just plain ol' fabulous!
10. Over-Caffeinated and Optimistic - a middle school teacher, Amy is also one of my real life besties! She blogs about teaching, healthy, natural eating, and anything that comes her way! you'll love reading her down to earth loveliness!!
11. The ditch Schilder - is a sweet blog written by Lotje, who's in the Netherlands! She and I are actually in a quilting bee together, and she makes gorgeous blocks!! She's also an incredibly talented painter! Don't forget to translate her blog though! :)

Okay, so hope yall are having fun seeing where this goes!!! ! :) Have a great day yalL!


  1. Love it Rachel! And I'm SO with you on White Christmas - got to be my most favorite of all time!!!!

  2. Rachel, thanks so much for nominating me! Reese Witherspoon is my favorite actress.

  3. Thank you so much for nominating me!! I am obbbbssseeessssed with Reese Witherspoon also... what a lady!

    Samantha @ Sam ipsa loquitur


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