Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Reagan's Big Week

Warning: This blog post is entirely devoted to my little peanut! :) Prepare for picture overload! Reagan had a HUGE week this past week! She's growing so fast - I just can't believe how much changes from day to day!
She ate her first peanut butter and jelly sandwich - the whole half sandwich that we made for her. :) As in, grabbed it with both fists and kept shoveling it into her mouth. Definitely NOT the best picture of her eyes---I kind of caught her mid blink! Oh well!!!
Daddy set up her tricycle thingy that his parents got Reagan for her first birthday. She was quite happy to ride it in the house.... we had hoped to get to the park, but that didn't quite happen this weekend. Needless to say, she loved riding in it.
We took her for a walk in it last night, and was thrilled. She "talked" the entire time. Please excuse the trash bag in the background! I promise we took it out!!
Reagan is definitely a daddy's girl!!! :)

She keeps crawling into the dog's crate, and now, Shelby gets in it with her, too. They're hysterical together.
Oh, and she's now standing up with help... sort of! She's really pulling up on the furniture... and loves it.
I feel that day to day, she has so many changes... it's fun to wake up and see what she is going to conquer today! I hate missing our days together when I'm at work but I'm so very thankful for our sweet nanny who sends me pictures throughout the day! What a blessing to have someone caring for her that is compassionate, caring, and loves her!

Reagan is such a happy girl!! :) Obviously, we adore her!


  1. She can reach the pedals of the trike? She is the most beautiful little girl!

  2. What darling pictures! Reagan is really growing and so adorable. She's lucky to have such special and loving parents!


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