Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sigma Quilt for Kathryn

Hey yall!! I have an amazing project to share with yall today! Right around Thanksgiving, a sorority sister of mine from college contacted me to see if I could make her a tshirt quilt. Of course, I said yes, but I told her I couldn't commit to finishing it before Christmas. Well, after all the craziness of January, I finally finished it! :)

Kathryn and I graduated together from Presbyterian College and we both were initiated into our sorority, Sigma Sigma Sigma at the same time. It was such a special thing to make this for her. As I made it, it definitely made me reminisce about our time together as collegiate sorority girls. So many of the shirts brought back wonderful memories! Kathryn had some different shirts than I do, so that was also amazing! I loved how different shirts made me think of different sisters in the chapter...

Okay, enough chatter! Here's her tshirt quilt.
It measures 60 inches by 75 inches.

I used Michael Miller Dumb Dot in Purple for the sashing around the tshirts.
I used Amy Butler's Love paisley in flannel for the backing.
I used Moda Good Morning! Ticking Stripe in purple for the binding

Kathryn wanted a flannel back, which made this quilt super cozy. We had actually picked out different fabrics, but I couldn't find enough of them to make it work, so I picked out these instead. I think it looks absolutely wonderful.
True to form, the tshirts wiggled like crazy, even though I used fusible interfacing on every single bit of tshirt that I used. Some of the squares are just a bit off from each other, as I was trying to make sure I got as much of the designs as possible.
I quilted it using large, loose lines, about 2 to 3 inches apart. I tried to keep that as fun and loose as possible...  I really wanted the quilt to be fun, carefree, and happy go lucky.

Here's the back! I used the front of the tshirts to make the lines across the back!
I'm really hoping to get this to Kathryn at our Tri Sigma South Carolina State Day in February! Oh, and just for fun, I dug up a picture of some of the girls in our class in Sigma from college! This was taken our senior year during recruitment (if ya can't tell---I'm the one in the front row, second from the right)!


Can you tell that I'm really happy to have made this for Kathryn? :) 


  1. I love it, Rachel! You're so talented! I'm jealous, and I want one, too!!!! Great job!

  2. Great job!! You are so creative. I never would have thought to do the back the way you did it. So special. Congratulations

  3. I am sooo excited! It looks AMAZING, and I can't wait to see it in person! I am so glad you were able to make this quilt for me! I knew you would make it look fantastic, and it will be that much more special because it was made by one of my sisters! :) THANK YOU for your time and effort in making such a beautiful and fun keepsake for me!!!


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