Sunday, February 3, 2013

Simply Solids Swap

Hey swappers! Just wanted to give yall a nice little update!
As of yesterday (Saturday), I received EVERYONE's fabric. Hooray! I went through and sorted them all by color, and took a few pictures. Yall had some lovely choies!
Simply Solids Swap
I thought yall might enjoy a few up close pictures of the different colors.
Reds, Oranges, Yellows

Yellows, Greens, Blues

Purples, Pinks, Neutrals


Here are a few samples of some bundles. I tried to make each bundle unique, so it was lots of fun to play with all the solids. I had a system for making sure that everyone had their fabric bundle, ziploc bag, package, and a fun little note. All the domestic bundles will be going out in the mail tomorrow, and I'll be messaging all of the international folks tomorrow to get their Paypal stuff worked out!
Bundle Samples

Bundle Samples

Bundle Samples

All together, we swapped 80 yards of solid fabric with four countries! :) So fun! Thank yall so much for swapping with us! I know Erin and I had a blast coordinating this for you! :)

Also, I was short 1 blue fat quarter, so I just gave up mine! If it's stuck inside someone else's, please send back! :) Thanks!
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