Thursday, March 28, 2013

2 Years

Tuesday was our second anniversary! Thought I'd share a few thoughts today about it.

Two years ago , I stook at the front alter of a little white church, and promised to love this man. It's been two years full of many many changes in our lives and through it all, I have grown to love and rely on him more and more every day. He has shown me time and again that he is my partner, my best friend, and my rock.

I am blessed beyond belief to go through this crazy ride call life together - frantically hold onto to each as we take each curve that comes our way - knowing that he will always be by my side.
We went wild with our anniversary - celebrated by picking up a yummy dinner from a local restaurant, watched tv, and had frozen  yogurt! Yup! It was a crazy night on the town... BUT - it's that quietness, that steadiness, that I have grown to cherish. It's the simple moments that make our lives what they are. I love that my sweet husband understands and values our time together.

p.s. my wonderful husband completely surprised me by sending me these GORGEOUS flowers at work! I've have been sitting at the office enjoying them! And pink - my favorite!


  1. PARABÉNS!!!Que DEUS continue a ABENÇOAR e ILUMINAR suas Vidas.

  2. Ohhhh Happy Anniversary! :) Sounds like a great night to me. :D


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