Friday, March 15, 2013

Am I Crazy?

A while back, yall may remember, I tackled the infamous Amy Butler Weekender Bag (go here to see my original post). I used lots of advice from all sorts of bloggers out there to make it, and actually really enjoyed the process and the end result. I'm sick, I know. Initially, when I started putting it together, I had in mind that it would be for me (yup, I'm a selfish sewist). Reagan, however, needed a big bag to take to daycare so, well, like many things, momma gets moved to the back. :)

I do have to say, that after four months of day in and day out use, this bag has held up really well! It's really been a great "diaper bag" for us to use for Reagan - and works great for an overnight bag, too. Her bottles and sippy cups fit really well in the end pockets, and the bottom insert of the bag has really been strong enough for all of her stuff. 

Now, Reagan knows that it's her bag. One hundred percent.
She pulled it off the chair where it lives when we are at home, and began to tackle her bag. It was the cutest thing and I just had to share it with yall!

She knows it's hers, and I love that! :)
Of course, this means that I'll have to make at least one for me (and probably one for my sweet momma who strongly hinted that she wants one). Now to decide about fabric - any suggestions?

Take care yall and have a great day! :) DSCN7289


  1. I have the MOST adorable granddaughter!!!! and I certainly would like one of those fantastic bags (and I am not to proud to say so!). Red would be my pick

  2. looks like a family of women with good taste to me. That's how all the best projects find new homes -- you intend them for you and someone comes along and coaxes it out of you. We are all givers here there's no shame in that. The bag looks great and your little girl is adorable.

  3. Super cute! I use mine for my kiddos all the time too!


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