Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Frame Mat

This turned into a quickie little project that I completed over the weekend. When hubby and I were cleaning this weekend, we realized that our beautiful picture frames were scratching the top of our entertainment center. Not good! Hubby asked if we had any of those doily thingies to put under it. Naturally, I felt that I should whip up something instead.
I made this cute little mat using charm squares of Amy Butler fabric, Simpatico, Lizzy House, and a few random charms that I received from a swap. I wanted the mat to match the colors in the rest of the living: primarily oranges, bright blues, and creams. I've been practicing my half square triangles, so I went in that direction for this. It's totally improved - and my HSTs didn't quite line up as neatly as I would have liked ( my little girl was oh so distracting) but overall, I'm really pleased with it.
I didn't want to bind it. So, I stitched it closed along three sides, and then turned it right side out. I put the batting inside, and turned the unstitched side under, and topstitched it close. I did a few squiggly lines to quilt it done but kept it pretty simple.

Here's what the front looks like:
Here's what the back looks like:
It measures 8 inches by 18 inches.

And all dressed up and put to use. Now that's a successful quickie project! :) DSCN7254

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