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Monday, August 5, 2013

Due Light Quilt

I'd like yall to meet my newest quilt - "Due Light". To say that I am in love with this quilt is an understatement! So many fabulous things about this quilt. Let's get started!

First of all, it measures approximately 60 inches by 70 inches. I used Soft and Toasty for the batting - I bought a bolt of it from Joanns on sale a while back. I love the low loft of this and how it quilted up. It's really soft and comfy!
Due Light Quilt Front

For the backing, I primarily used Tuxedo Stripe Black by Dear Stella with a random fat quarter (the square grid), polka dot fabric by Michael Miller, and a piece of the Cloud 9 fabric. For the binding, I found Cloud 9 Premium Quilting Straw Hat in mint/blue (this is the pink one - can't find it online) at the new Joanns store in Greenville, SC.
Due Light Quilt Back
This was made with the help of my Imagine Do.Good Circle gals! They each sent me one block - I received 10. I made the rest of the blocks - which was kind of fun.

I quilted this using an overall grid centered in the aqua/teal square in each block. Then, I echoed the grid lines, about 2 inches apart. I love it. My straight lines are organic, again! I used Aurifil in 50 weight in a light gray color. It mostly looks white on the darker fabrics, but on the gray and white, it looks true to color.
Due Light grid quilting
I named this quilt, "Due Light" because of this John Milton quote (once an English major, always an English major): "The stars, that nature hung in heaven, and filled their lamps with everlasting oil, give due light to the misled and lonely traveler". I thought the phrase 'due light' was beautiful and inspiring!
Due Light
My mom was kind enough to let me quilt this on her Babylock Crescendo. It was so fun to use a bigger, fancier machine. Let me tell yall, it was so much quieter and quilting was so smooth - once I got used to it. I took pictures of this quilt at my parents' home in the upstate of South Carolina.

Anyone have an idea of how many different fabrics were used in the making of this quilt? I haven't counted yet but I'm a little bit curious. At first glance, I can spot several different designers and lines....
Due Light folded
Also, kid tested and approved! Take care yall!
Reagan on Due Light

Reagan on rocking chair

Reagan with Due Light on rocking chair

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Violette Fields Treads: Emmaline Misses Dress

Yay! Yall, I can finally share that I got to pattern test this amazing new pattern from Violette Field Threads. It's the grown up verision of the adorable Emmaline Dress. Go here to purchase your very own Mommy and Me look patterns! (be sure to check out the other pattern testers dresses that are on the pattern photos! simply gorgeous)

I literally started jumping up and down when I found out that I was selected to pattern test. It also meant a chance to do some family pictures. Boy oh boy, was that fun! I used a photographer that my friend, Vanessa, shared about (click here to see her pictures of Vanessa). Kelly was amazing to work with! If you're in South Carolina, and looking for a great photographer, check her out.

You can see my verison of the Emmaline Misses dress below.
I choose to make mine out of a Jennifer Paganelli fabric that I had been hoarding saving up for over a year. I think it turned out beautifully!
The pattern's great because there are several different fit options that you can use to make it fit perfectly. I made my a D cup, medium bodice, and small skirt with one ruffle (you can do up to three bottom ruffles). I loved how it fit in the bodice front. I was a little worried about it being a halter pattern and not fitting well, and it was B E A UTIFUL. Dead on in the sizing.
I'm already envisioning a couple altneratives for this summer. I'm thinking maybe a swiss dot dress.... with all three ruffles. I'm also thinking that this would be fabulous is chambray. What do yall think?

Who's heading over to Violette Field Threads to pick up one of their very own?
Also, I'm working on a giveaway for these two Emmaline patterns, so stay tuned!

I also whipped up another Violette Field Threads dress for Reagan ( I wanted to make her an Emmaline but it doesn't start until 2T, and she's not quite there yet). I made her another Audrey dress. I cannot get enough of this pattern for her. I just love how it looks! This one I made out of some pink gingham shirting that I've been saving for a shirt - and since I knew it wouldn't take much fabric to make a dress for little miss, well, I cut into it. It looks fabulous! I added some jumbo turquoise rick rack around the bottom of the dress and around the sleeves. Top it all off with a cute pink bow, and voila - perfection!
I gotta say, this picture pretty much sums up my family completely! :) I love it.
I did have to put on some pants/leggings under Reagan's dress because she hasn't quite grasped the concept of ladylike. :) Notice her new shoes? Yup. Decided it was time to start actually wearing shoes since she's trying to walk everywhere.
How gorgeous is this picture of Reagan? I just love it!
In this picture, I can tell that she looks somewhat like me. Lord knows, she certainly has my personality. Poor hubby!

This last picture series is just amazing! I'm thinking that it's going to be framed up!

A big big THANK YOU to Ericka and Jessica at Violette Field Threads for letting me pattern test! I loved it! :) Thank you to Kelly Smith for taking some amazing photos of my family! :)


Thursday, January 24, 2013

Local Quilt Shop Hop: Creative Sewing

local quilt shop banner Hey yall! Bet ya didn't know that today is being celebrating by quilty and sewist bloggers across the world as Local Quilt Shop Day! I wanted to throw my hat in the ring and talk about MY local shop: Creative Sewing Machine Center!

First of all, Creative Sewing Machine Center has been around Columbia, S.C. for quite some time. They are one of the largest providers of Babylock sewing machines in the Southeast. But, they also sell Bernina, Viking,.... and they service the machines. I've had a few moments over the last year when I've needed a hand, and they always took care of my Lizzie!

Meet Peg! She's the owner, and is just the sweetest lady! 
peggy and russ

The store is always bustling with some of the nicest staff you'll ever meet. I always feel as though I'm walking in to my second home... I'm greeted with "Hey, Rachel!!", "How's that darling baby girl of yours" and other personal comments! They remember me! They remember everyone! 

At Creative Sewing, you'll find fabric, all the supplies you could need for quilting and sewing projects, patterns, books, machines, parts, and support! They have monthly and quarterly clubs, classes, and so much more. The second Monday of every month is 20% off all yard cuts of fabric (it's the best day to go)! 
Creative Sewing has a Facebook page and a new Flickr group! They are also online but I'd recommend going on to their Facebook page... better yet, if you're in the Carolinas, Go VISIT!

Tell them I sent ya, and buy some fabric!
Happy Local Quilt Shop Hop Day! :)
local quilt shop

My sweet friend, Vanessa (who actually just got a job at Creative Sewing) lent me these great pictures!! Be sure to check out her blog, too!!

Friday, November 30, 2012

State Pillow

Hey yall! Just a quick post today! Reagan and I are enjoying every minute of our last couple days together before job and day care start. Actually, we're went in to work today for a little bit (an almost half day) just to set up a couple things not a whole lot of much going on around these parts.

Except for I may have decorated for Christmas. All that's left is the tree... and possibly more pillow covers. But you have to wait for it all to be up before I'll share pictures. :)

Today during Reagan's nap, I worked on a quick project that wasn't on my list at all. I'm (fingers crossed that I'm off from the hotel) going to the Sigma Alumnae Christmas dinner soon, and we're supposed to bring a gift. A gift for an auction. Well, what do you get a group of ladies that you sort of know. You don't. You make it. You do if you're me.

SC State Pillow

I've seen lots of really cool state stuff out there on Pinterest and other social media sites, and I was really inspired to make something South Carolina based. I figured that'd go over well with the crowd.

I made the background out of two and half inch square pieces, and appliqued on the state outline. I used Kona white for South Carolina and Kona Coal for the rest of the pillow. The squares are from my stack of mini charms.

SC State Pillow Close Up

I think it's pretty cool. What do yall think?

We're supposed to wrap our gift, so I think I'm going to whip up a quick lined drawstring bag. That way it'll be reusable. I've been wanting to try this tutorial by Jeni over at In Color Order (a GREAT quilting/sewing blog) so this'll be the perfect reason to. Hopefully I'll have time this weekend to sit down and make that. I have a few other things on my list. :)

Anyways, tonight we're celebrating the new job by sushi dinner! :) Yay! Take care yall!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Celebrating Southern: South Carolina

Good morning, y'all! Today is the last day of Leslie's Celebrating Southern week. It's the day where we exclaim our love for our region at the top of our lungs!! Of course, I'm going to be very specific and talk about my love of South Carolina.

I think that I'm personally very qualified to talk about South Carolina...not because I've always been from SC but because SC and I mutually decided to call each other adopted. I'm sure y'all have heard of the phrase GRITS.
Well, I'm no ordinary GRITS... I'm a
Yup. That's me. I decided that South Carolina was going to be my home. As a Navy brat, I'm really from nowhere and everywhere all at the same time. But, when we moved to Charleston, South Carolina my junior year of high school, my whole life changed. I attended Presbyterian College in Clinton, South Carolina, and the finer points of Southern living really clicked to me. Suddenly, it was like I had found home. Yes, home will always be where the Navy sent my family, and walking onto a Navy base will always bring a sense of homecoming, but South Carolina is where my heart is.

Pinned Image

It's the only place where I can smell the pluff mud, walk the Cooper River Bridge, and see the palmetto trees waving in the wind. Home to rainbow row, more church steeples than you can shake a stick at, and sweetgrass baskets....

Rainy day picture of the Cooper River Bridge from Patriots Point last March on our mini 'moon!
South Carolina is home to plantations, rivers, spanish moss, little churches, small towns, horses,  front porches, and all the goodness of the South. It's the only place where I can see orange, purple, maroon, and black--and instantly, think of collegiate football. It's where women pride themselves on dressing appropriately for football games. Think pearls, dresses, heels, boots! It, simply is, the best. 
Because I'm a list maker, I made a list of the top 10 things about South Carolina (in my humble opinion, of course. You could ask anyone from SC, and their list might be a bit different). 

1. Clemson Tigers. 'Nuff said.
2. The food. Sweet tea, shrimp and grits, crabs, bbq, more shrimp, fried everything. Yummy.
3. Charleston.
4. Carolina beach music--and shagging to it! :) As Pat Conroy once said in his novel, Beach Music, "Carolina beach music....the holiest sound in the world."
5. The weather. Yes, the summers are brutally hot, but the majority of the year, the weather is bliss. It's so comfortable and mild in the winter. Usually, a fleece jacket is about all you need. :) 
6. Jobs. South Carolina is one of the fastest growing areas to live. Cost of living is low, gas is cheap, groceries aren't bad, and more and more companies are moving to SC. 
7. Piccolo Spoleto. Every year in Charleston, a huge festival to promote the many different kinds of arts. It's seriously cool. 
8. Manners. When we lived up North, manners were practically non-existent from a large chuck of the community around us. Here, please, thank you, and ma'am/sir are not only expected but required. It's just the way it is, y'all. 
9. Southern men....ladies, need I saw more? Seriously though, these men are gentlemen to the core. They understand the importance of loving life, working hard, and taking care of their families.
10. The value of family and community. In South Carolina, there simply is nothing finer than to be with family, friends, and to contribute to your community. 
Pinned Image

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Quilt Shop Hop

Good morning y'all!! Reagan had her six month well baby check today! So proud of my little peanut. She's in the 25th percentile for her age. NOT her adjusted age (which takes into account the fact that she was born 11 weeks early) but her REAL age. Not bad for a little preemie! Sooooo thrilled. At her four month check, she wasn't even out of the single digits for percentile! She's doing so well...and she handled her shots great! Just had to brag a wee bit about my girl. :)
Reagan liked her first taste of cheesecake!
Mom, Reagan and I had quite an adventure at the beginning of the week.This past week has been the Carolina Quilt Shop Hop. It's basically a way to feature different quilting stores and the quilting community in the upstate of South Carolina and a few stores into North Carolina. It's a really neat thing.... if you're interested, this is their website:
Carolina Quilt Shop Hop. Shop Hops are actually really popular---you go from store to store collecting stamps or tokens, etc. and if you hit x number, you get to qualify for different prizes etc. For this shop hop, you could buy different squares for a quilt pattern, and with each square came the pieces of fabric already cut out and everything. Pretty cool. Each of the 14 stores had made their own design with the patterns and blocks.

You had to go to 4 stores to qualify for drawings, and 14 to qualify for the grand prizes. Well, we didn't quite make it to 14 stores but in two days, we got to 8 quilting stores. We went to three in North Carolina and five in South Carolina. We thought we would get to two other stores but those didn't quite happen. That's okay, though. We hadn't even heard of it until last month... so I think we did pretty good. We had a great time, and picked up little somethings at every store. Some of the stores were pretty impressive. Our favorite was the Asheville Cotton Company, in Asheville, North Carolina.

Reagan was so good throughout all of our hopping! We stopped for lunch in North Carolina at this little off the road cafe, called the Gazebo Cafe. Turned out to be the perfect place for lunch--right by a little creek, in the shade, with yummy French Dip sandwiches! Reagan made friends at every store. All the ladies just oohed and aahhed over her.... of course, I think she's pretty adorable, but it seems others do too. She loved to look at all the fabric and quilts. I think she only slept through two stores. Otherwise, she napped in the car in between stops.

I, of course, ended up with some great new fabrics. I'm so excited about them... what do y'all think? I didn't get all of the designer names, so if you want to know about any of them, please ask, and I'll go back and look at the selvages. :)

Here are a few pictures from our two day adventure... Enjoy! We certainly did! :)

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Housewarming gift from my parents!!
We are moved and settled!! It has been a whirlwind six weeks but we did it! We moved from Pennyslvania to South Carolina with a whole slew of logistical challenges. Hubby found us a cute two bedroom townhome to rent for a year or so, and we moved in the first Monday in May, and three days later, Reagan and I left with my mom to go to Florida to visit my grandparents! In those three days, I managed to get our house pretty unpacked, get my hair cut, see my bestie, and somehow kept my sanity. Still not sure how that all happened but somehow it did! I don't have pictures of our place yet, but I promise those will come!

Reagan and I had a great time in Florida! She saw the ocean for the first time when we went walking on the beach one morning. It was also the warmest weather she had ever experienced! She took to my grandparents very quickly! :)

We had a great visit! Mom treated Grandma and I to pedicures and manicures for Mothers Day, so the three of us went to a great salon in Florida and had a blast. Neither Mom nor Grandma had ever had a pedicure before (and I don't think that they were sure they'd like it) but to their surprise, they loved it!

Speaking of Mothers Day, we were able to celebrate with both of our moms. We went to church with my parents in the Upstate, and had brunch over at Clemson. It was yummy! Then, we drove down to Lexington and had dinner with the hubby's parents. Also yummy! My sweet husband gave me flowers (only the second time EVER) and a gorgeous necklace custom made for me--it has Reagan's name on it!! Please ignore the not-so-great picture of me... I love my necklace, and I'm pretty I've worn it everyday.

In addition to Florida, our little family took an overnight trip to my FAVORITE city- Charleston!!!!! Hubby had to work so we drove down with him, and visited my sweet friend and her new baby girl! we also visited some other dear friends (Hi Miss Debbie!!!). On Friday, hubby and I took Reagan downtown to King Street! We window shopped, bought some gorgeous fabric, and went to the Market. We had lunch at a new restaurant down by the yummy! We'll definitely be, if I could only remember it's name!!
At the Battery
Shopping on King Street
Hope yall are enjoying this beautiful first day of summer!!! Reagan, Shelby, and I are off for a short walk in the neighborhood. Hello sunshine!!
Take care, yall!

Thursday, May 3, 2012


I just had to share my beautiful baby girl's first professional pictures. We had a blast getting these done, and I am so glad that I choose to do it now, even amid all of the moving nonsense. It was a complete joy to see her pictures, and to realize just how much my girl has grown and changed.

Look at how much she has changed...just comparing her to my hand in the other picture!
This was Reagan at 10 days old, way back in January. Can you believe how quickly time flies? I know that every single mommy and daddy out there knows the feeling that I'm talking about... when you blink, and it's already been almost four months.

I went to The Picture People here in Lancaster. I looked at doing her pictures at a bunch of different places, including more of a "photographer" type of place, but ended up going here. After looking at different packages, etc, I quickly realized I could get the most bang for my buck! And since it was MUCHO important to me to get the Hi-Res CD of her images, that narrowed down a few places.

A few of my favorites... don't worry, I'll include the rest down the road.... but I couldn't resist sharing on Facebook and here... :) I found the cute teal dress at BabyGap (when Reagan and I met my good friend Marcy for some shopping last weekend).... The ruffled diaper cover is one that I made (if you want me to make one for your little one, please let me know... ), and the tiger hat was a gift from some friends of ours when Reagan was born!!

I LOVE this picture!!

Oh, update on the move....
We found a new HOME!!! :) Yay!! We are all set to move in on May 14th! I can't wait!! :) It will be so nice to be reunited with the hubby for longer than the just the weekends. I don't know how single mommies (and military wives) do it. Yall have my utmost respect. Growing up as a military brat, I don't think I realized just how much work it was for my parents to be separated, to raise a family with one parent gone for periods of time. It's a huge challenge, and I've only had to do it for a few weeks. Yall are truly heroes.
We pack out next week. I feel like there are a million things to do right now, but I'm also trying to take some time to relax, which means sewing, watching The Voice (isn't Juliet Simms AMAZING???), and playing with my daughter. I know that next week will be here oh so very soon,  and with it, boxes, movers, cleaning, and packing.
Until then, yall have a great weekend!! :)
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